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                      Yes To are quickly becoming my favourite budget friendly skincare brand. The coconuts range has transformed my oily skin and calmed it down a whole lot, and the sheet masks from them are out of this world. This time round, I have two rather interesting and unusual products from them that have just launched.                                           

2 in 1 Coffee Scrub and Cleanser Stick (£10)

Both of these products are actually sticks, which is very baffling to me but somehow they just seem to work and the texture of them makes it easy to apply and use. This 2 in 1 smells incredible, the coconut isn't overpowering and the coffee smell just peeps through slightly when applied on the skin. Coconut has many benefits for the skin, its hydrating and plumps the skin and then coffee gives the skin some life back into it. When combined together in this stick, it energises the skin.

For the price of this skincare product, you are getting a whole lot of product. There is 2.5oz inside this tube which is more than cleansers in a bottle! Its a lot bigger in size and makes application to the skin easier and quicker because of the domed shaping. I haven't used this to remove makeup, even though it is possible but have used it as a morning product and a second cleanser which works just as well. After wetting my face, I go in with the stick and swipe it everywhere a few times. After this, my fingers are called into action to massage the product in.

At this point, it starts to lather up and the waxy texture turns into a soap. I wanted to love this so much but the more I used it, they more I realised that for my oily skin it wasn't really doing much. Which is a shame because the rest of the range is fab! It just felt like there was something missing from it, maybe it needs to be a bit more grainy for me. It did make my face feel clean but not refreshed like I wanted it to. I have kept it to one side for the winter, as my skin is much drier than and this is just what it needs to remove the dead skin.

Vitamin C Glow Boosting Snapmask Stick (£12)

Onto the next stick product, a mask! This stick business is just genius and a face mask like this instead of a tub or tube is so much easier to keep away and use. I had no idea this Grapefruit range existed until I received this product and searched it on the web, there is a whole range of products including a booster which sounds amazing! Vit C can be a scary thing to use on the skin, too much is damaging and too less is not beneficial but with a range like Yes To, your skin is going to feel and see the effects of the vitamin in the right dosage. 

This mask can be applied on both dry and damp skin, it needs to be left on for 5 minutes and then removed to reveal a brighter, more awake complexion. Personally, this is way better when used on wet skin compared to dry. On hair washing days, I apply this all over whilst I let my shampoo sit and then wash it away. My skin feels softer afterwards and a slight glow does actually appear, it is more than the recommended time that it stays on but it doesn't do any harm to my skin. This is a great product to use before a special occasion as it makes your skin come alive without irritating it. This has been life changing and I can't wait to go out and grab the matching sheet mask! 

Have you tried stick skincare before?

pr samples are included in this post

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