Summer to Autumn

Its officially September, the boots are out and the PSL is back in store. Which only means one thing, AUTUMN IS HERE, AUTUMN IS HERE. I am so excited that its finally time for my favourite season of all time, I love the sun but the cosiness of this time of year makes me all giddy inside. In this post, I am sharing my favourites for the transitional period. From lifestyle to beauty... 
summer to autumn

Candles// The number one reason as to why I love autumn by far. There is something about coming home in the evening to a cold house and lighting a candle that just fills the room. When it comes to candles, do not go cheap - you have to spend ££ to get the right aroma unless its a company that makes high quality ones for less. An Everyday Candle, is a family run business with the aim of allowing people to enjoy luxury for less. For just £13.99, you are getting a strong scented, heavy duty candle that is going to last you all autumn/winter. This is the Tuberose, Iris and Orange Leaves* one that leaves my house smelling amazing. Not too strong and citrusy, but just right to soothe your senses. I have fallen in love with the simple packaging and long lasting burning power.

red lipsticks for autumn

Lips// I love switching up the occasional nude to a deeper, red shade. These two are both a liquid formula as its easier to keep it put on the lips and to apply. I tend not to wear a lip liner with darker shades, as these don't bleed. The first is the Rimmel Stay Satin in Redical, a lovely cool toned red that makes my skin look gorgeous. It does crack slightly if my lips are scrubbed correctly and is a pain to reapply but it looks good. The other is a Urban Decay in 714, which is one of all time favourite liquid lipstick formula's along with the Kat Von D ones. I love how this glides onto the lips and is the perfect red for everyone.
fall makeup

Nails// I am so ready to apply darker shades on my nails, from purple to black - give me them all. I'm going to be that really annoying person and forget to mention the shade names because they've rubbed off :( OPI and Essie are the best brands to go for long lasting and chip free nail colours. I find that they apply on the nails with ease and the colour is true to what the shade looks like in the bottle. My toes are the Essie shade at the moment, this is the gel like formula and it lasts really well on my toes, as does any polish! The OPI one is going on tonight - with a bit of gold glitter of course. 

Eyes// This time of year is the perfect time to get those warm toned shades out of your makeup draw, the MUR palettes are super affordable and pigmented. I find shades like this really simple and easy to wear and smaller palettes make creating an eye look so much easier than when you have 30 shades to choose from. My friend Nicole got me a Kat Von D single shadow last year and I love bringing it out of hiding around this time of year, its a great one wash shade that makes you look awake and ready without doing much. 
the everyday candle

Jewellery// The sun still seems to be shining here in the UK, as bad as I want to start wearing jumpers, leggings and boots - I can't! However, in the meantime dainty pieces like these from Onecklace are keeping my outfits seasonal and taking them through the transitional period. They are a brand that specialise in customised pieces on an affordable budget. Each order is handcrafted and made for that special person in your life, or in my case - myself! 

The piece I have been wearing the most is the name necklace, with name like mine, it is so difficult to buy personalised items. I used to be the child at school that didn't have stationery with my name on because it wasn't available :( This is the silver plated necklace and looks amazing with everything, I can wear it during the day and through the evening as a simple something around my neck. They aren't heavy nor do they feel rubbish - you can tell they are of high quality. 

Another amazing and simple piece is their initial necklace, as its a letter 'P' it can be quite hard to read but the angle on this photo allows you to see it clearly. I love that I can wear the initial to work and not be asked 20 questions about what it says. Much easier to wear if jewellery in the workplace is not allowed/ has to be discrete. 

Both of these make amazing additions to any outfit and because they're silver and nothing else, they go with everything! I really want to buy some rose gold pieces from the site now, and maybe a couple of Christmas presents too - can't beat personalised items! 


Are you excited for the change in season?


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