What Christmas Means To Me

I find it fascinating to hear how about everyone celebrates Christmas, someone I know does the whole thing on Boxing Day as opposed to Christmas Day. Some only do presents on Christmas Eve and so on, there is so many different ways to celebrate and each one means something different to someone. For me, Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, eating lots of food and of course laughing! 
Today I have the lovely Cerys giving you her take on what Christmas means to her, reading it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 
what christmas means to me

I Remember being younger and spending hours flicking through the Argos catalogue circling all the toys I wanted, hoping that I’d wake up on Christmas day and there would be mounds of presents underneath my tree waiting for me as I raced my brother down the stairs. I must admit when it comes to Christmas I’ve always been spoiled by my family.

The lead up to Christmas was filled with excitement, being off school, snow, decorating the house and being allowed to eat chocolate every morning with my advent calendar. When your younger Christmas time, I hate to admit it, is more about the presents. I mean, that’s all you really focus on, right?

You learn in school why we celebrate Christmas, of course really, it’s about the birth of Jesus Christ and I guess I understood that. Embarrassingly I was found one Christmas morning singing happy birthday to Jesus at the top of my voice while I was in the bath, a memory my family love to bring up every year *eye roll*.

As I’ve gotten older my wish list has gotten smaller and the day itself has gotten less exciting. Through the years I think the meaning of Christmas to me has changed. This year, Christmas to me means spending time with my family, eating nice food and indulging myself. Now that I finally have a full-time job, I can by my family and friends presents good presents with my own money and that’s the best feeling ever. It’s annoying knowing my mama deserves the world and all I can afford to get her is a small present, but it’s the thought that counts.

It annoys me to see everyone bragging about their presents on social media for days after Christmas because honestly that’s not what Christmas is about in my eyes. Seeing family, I only see once a year in the festive season is something I look forward to all year. Everyone’s happier and I’m busier with parties and visiting friends.

What does Christmas mean to you?   

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