The Annual Festive Nails

My nails are something that I take pride in and care for everyday. This past year I have really got into getting them done professionally, basically I am an acrylic nail addict. Even after having them on constantly my nails are still in good shape underneath, not weak and still my nails so regardless of all the horror stories you read about saying how bad they are for your nails, I still get them done. I think it comes down to finding the right person to do them, my lovely nail lady has been doing mine for a few months now and she is more of a friend than just someone who does my nails. Find someone who doesn't use an electric file (they kill) and someone who takes pride in your nails, time to do them and is passionate about them.  


Every year as a treat to myself I get my nails done or if it was a few years back, I did them myself. You can check out my collection through this tag and get some inspo for yourself, but I think this years are my favourite. This Christmas we had decided to go all out - well to an extent. With gems, glitter and of course the colour red. Red is such a festive colour and this is the perfect time of year to dig it out and wear it to your hearts content. Onj three fingers I have red nails, with one of them being a glitter red. This finger isn't just a polish, it is actual glitter mixed in with the acrylic to give it a real sparkle, on the same nail are two snowflakes with gems in the middle to give them that extra sparkle. Then on the remaining two fingers we have a very bold and beautiful silver glitter which is a shellac colour that I can't remember the name of. On the ring finger, we decided to apply three teardrop shaped gems. These are very different to anything I have had on my nails but are so beautiful - they aren't going to last me the whole festive season but for now they look amazing!


I am so happy with these nails, probably my favourite set yet! On that note, this is my last post before Christmas - I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hope you have the best time celebrating with friends, family and loved ones. Eat until your hearts content, sing till you have no voice and laugh until you cry. 

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