Party Handbag Essentials

Yesterday, I kicked off my festive celebrations. With a friends Christmas dinner yesterday, one today and another two weeks packed with celebrations I have decided to be super organised. I have got myself a bag, ready to go and all it needs is a change of things depending on weather or the time of day the said event is. Sounds absolutely ridiculous now that I've wrote it out but I just have to be ready for anything and as I am always the none drinker of the group, I am the go to everything. Just to point out, I can't pack light for anything so half of these things probably aren't necessary.           

The Can't Live Without Items

The first things to go into my bag is purse, that only holds what I need. My phone, paracetamol, keys and tissues. These are the items that I transfer from one bag to another and would be lost without them. We all have those bits and bobs that are always needed and these should go into your going out bag first, don't be the person that has no way of paying for anything! I also can't live without perfume, at the moment I have Ted Baker minis on rotation, they smell incredible and for once actually last on me compared to other sprays.

Essential but Not

I love having things in my bag that are going to be needed by me or someone else one day. You will always find a lip product (or products) in my handbag, I find them floating and then do the whole 'ahh that's where it went'. The MAC lipglass set from the holiday collection is my current obsession, pairing the nude with the glitter topper has been creating this gorgeous sparkly nude look. I was never one for lip toppers or even gloss but this combo has got me wanting more! I have only been wearing the Stila Glitters on my eyes, so keeping them with me is very needed (or not) I love topping up the glitter on my eyes and they are just so damn beautiful.

A new addition to my bag is the Botanics Organic Super Balm*, eventually this will move into the top section because I do not know where I would be without it, having only having it for a few weeks. This balm gives your skin lots of nourishing goodness, it melts into the skin and hydrates anything that is dry or flaky. It is infused with rosehip, which in its self smells amazing! I've been applying this to my hands, elbows, lips - everywhere that my skin has been feeling dry and tough. An absolutely winter bag essential.
For today only you can get the balm for 1/2 price using the code XMASTREATS2!

As well as lip products, I love keeping little bits of makeup in my bag too, in case I need a top up during the day/night. I always keep something from Girls With Attitude in my bags, their palettes come with a huge and very handy mirror for any emergency. At the moment its the Galactic Glow Highlighter Palette*, they've changed their formula to make it more creamy and easy to blend. It has three different ombre highlighters that creates a very multi-dimensinoal look, almost a wet look?! Stunning!

I could do with a real clean up of my bag, but one day I will need everything!!

What are your handbag essentials during party season?

*pr samples

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