The Primark £1 Nails!

The Primark £1 Nails!

I posted this exact picture on my Instagram a few weeks back and my oh my did I get come lovely comments, as well as people at work telling me how lovely these nails are. Many were surprised to know that they are actually fake and not real! I found these super easy to apply and to wear as for me they weren't that long, I was scared to use and them and hoped that they wouldn't pop off..but they managed to stay on my nails for a few days and I am glad I went with this pattern as its perfect for the summer. I would recommend going out and buying a pack, they have such a wide range of choice for you to choose from and are worth it for only £1!  


Caitriona Tighe said...

They look so real !. The design is so cute omg.

cait |

Rachel Roar said...

These look really pretty!

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ClassandGlitter said...

They have so many cute ones! x

ClassandGlitter said...

They are lovely! xx