The Neglected Ones .

The Neglected Ones .
I recently read this post over on Emily's blog, where she talked about 9 things she should really start using more and this lead me to think about what I need to use more and behold I found a few things that I really need to start using again!
Naked 1 Palette// Same as Emily, I was obsessed with this palette when I first got my hands on was like my holy grail! Every day and night look I used to do had to have this palette in and since I bought other ones from UD and Sleek this had gotten a little rusty and I think its time I start using it again!
S&G Thick & Fast Mascara// I remember that Estée (essiebutton) mentioned this in one of her videos a long time ago and I decided to buy it and see if it was any good. It is such a nice mascara very thickening and for a long period of time I didn't use anything else beside it, but it seems that I have forgotten it exists! 
Maybelline Erase Eye Concealer// I have used half of this bottle already but then for some reason I stopped. And I mean all of a sudden, the reason is still not know to me either but I have to start using it again because it does what it says on the tin and covers my horrible bags.
Rimmel Apocalips// Another one same as Emily, something else I had to have because everyone raved about them. They are amazing and last all day so when I bought them in Superdrug I applied it straight away, much after I hated them but loved them at the same time?! Why? Well, they are amazing in colour and the formula is great but on dry lips these are  big no no.
Avon Nail Brighter// Remember that Nail Challenge? Hmmm, yeah I gave up a few weeks ago and have not been looking after my nails at all. I spent a £5 on this bottle of brighter/strengthener and it worked wonders within the first week but then I stopped because I thought the job was done. Lesson to be taught...always keep using a product. 
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