9 Months Later| NY Resolutions

 NY Resolutions
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A few 9 months ago I set me self a few blogging NY Resolutions to stick by and see if I can get through them by the end of the year. I thought I would do a 'what have i done so far' type post to see what need to be done and what has been done. You can read the original post here but I am going to quickly go through what I have achieved. 
1. Have my own domain - DONE! I am so pleased that this year I managed to finally buy my .com that I have been wanting for so long.
2. Relax about posts and not stress - Kind of! I seem to be able to stick to posting three times a week but slowly am finding it hard with school been a lot more demanding. Hence why I am now starting to post less but making the posts more fun to read. 
3. Buy a tripod - No! Okay, so this still needs to be done and still need to find a tripod for my phone to sit on which makes it easier to take OOTD pictures and other ones in general. But I still manage to post more OOTD photos than before so that's a plus.
5. Improve Appearance - DONE! I am also very happy that I have got a nicer and neater blog design that looks so much more professional. My blog isn't ever going to look perfect but that is ok! 

I am doing very well and hopefully by the end of the year all this will be DONE!
Have you achieved anything big this year?

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