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Marvellous May! We are nearly half way through 2021 and this side of the year definitely looks better than the start. I get my second vaccine this weekend and I could not be more excited. April saw lesson observations, work load increasing, meeting people outdoors, getting my nails done and so many more wonderful things! 

Shiseido Eye Cream
The most expensive eye cream I have ever tried - £58 - but one that I can't live without! It contains an ingredient called Reishi Mushroom, which is rich in anti-oxidants known to hydrate and visibly reduce aging, whilst the other star of the show is Iris root. This is to help keep the delicate area moisturised and hydrated. I love that it has a cooling effect too when applied. 

Glow Recipe PHA + BHA Toner

When I tell you I've waited months to try this infamous toner I am not joking around. I was on the Cult Beauty waitlist for ages and ages, then as soon as the email came to say its back in stock my card jumped out of my purse. This is a very thick toner that is best applied with hands as opposed to a cotton pad. I love using it in the morning under makeup to give my skin hydration, glow and makes my skin so soft. 

Nivea Hand Cream*
You'd think that my hands have got used to the excessive use of hand gel and formed a barrier to protect itself from dry skin but no...the dry skin is unbearable. I've tried many creams in the past year but this one is the ONE. I keep coming back to it and I am never disappointed. It sinks in to the skin, keeps them supple and after regular use I see a difference in my hands. When I don't use it - everything is a disaster. 

Nivea Aloe Vera Moisturiser* 
Aloe Vera has so many benefits for the skin and body, I love using pure Aloe on my face to calm irritation - we have a plant where I just off and use - best thing ever! This moisturiser is perfect for legs and arms, in particular after hair removal. My skin suffered after my first waxing appointment, lots of blotches and redness. This cream was my go to, it helped calm the red and itching almost instantly. A life saver. 

Fit Me Concealer 
I've been loving this concealer recently for a few reasons. I use the shade 35 for normal spot concealing and then the shade 50 for contouring. Never thought I would be someone who cream contours but this has changed my mind. It gives me the sharp look and blends like a dream.         


I have been loving so many things in the month of April, these are just a few...

Line Of Duty // Of course we have to talk about this show! The best British TV programme I have watched in a long time. I won't spoil anything but if you need a good binge, get on it!

The Resident //I found this show through looking for something to watch whilst waiting for Grey's to start again. If you love everything about Grey's Anatomy, you will love this! I love both so much, anything medical and full of friendship. love and loss is my favourite.     

          Spearmint Tea // An odd one to mention but if you suffer with the following: hormonal acne, bad cramps or headaches during your time of the month then this tea is for you. I've been drinking two cups (sometimes more) everyday for the last two months and both months I have had much better periods. Can't say it takes the pain away but it definitely calms everything down. 

April has flown by but it has been a fabulous month! I can't wait to see what May brings...

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