New Year, New Home

A new year means new goals. This year I have not only set myself some personal goals for the year but as a family we some goals that we are looking to achieve around the house. I think everyone is spending more time indoors at the moment and have been for the past year, so its only right that we try and make the space we are living and working in -enjoyable, homely and relaxing.

#1 Declutter

When the first lockdown happened last March, we started on the decluttering but the more we stay at home the more we seem to find. I have boxes with all my teacher training things in from university, which was over three years ago now! I really need to sort through it all and keep what I want and throw the rest out. Same goes for all our wardrobes. My brother and I have so many pieces that we don't wear and they could go to another home. 

#2 Becoming More Green

As a household we do a lot of recycling but we want to become more 'green' and help the environment, even if that means changing the smallest thing. We're also looking into replacing the windows to be double glazed, this means that we can stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 
Some of the changes we also hope to do include; swapping lightbulbs to more energy efficient ones, swap paper bills to online, unplug things that don't need to be in all day. Sticking with the energy efficient theme, we are currently thinking about lantern roofs, Not only do they fill a room up with the natural light (great for photos) but also because they help save energy! 
These are just a few of the ones that we want to do but there are so many more easy switches, here are 40 more ways to go greener!

#3 Update and Upgrade

There is no way that we can do up the whole house, even though there is so much to do - we need to take things step by step. Instead of overwhelming ourselves we've made a list of small bits and pieces that we can do to really update the house. Things like changing the mirrors, adding new furniture in places, changing the throws on the sofas and beds. Simple things like this will hopefully make the biggest difference. I came across an article with more life-changing upgrades and I am so excited to get shopping.

#4 Adding a touch of Spring

I for one love winter and the cosiness that comes with it but I am so excited for Spring and since spotting Easter chocolate (yes I know) in the shops this week, its getting me excited for freshness, early sunrises, crisp days and of course spring! I've promised myself since the new year to buy flowers every week. Not only does this make the rooms in the house look prettier, it really lifts the mood too! 

A great way to add something spring like into your home is by upcycling furniture. It is a quick and easy way to create decorative effects on furniture and accessories. If you're like me and rubbish at drawing or designing then you need to have a look at paper cutting design. A way to have intricate and stunning designs without having to worry about the initial handling and creating. 
These resolutions may seem really simple and slightly boring, however I really believe that these simple swaps and changes will make the biggest difference. If there is a time to change things up at home and lift the mood for everyone, now is definitely the time.  

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