Dry Skin in Autumn

I have never suffered with dry skin as much as I am currently! Its crazy how dry, flaky and do rough. It could be the sudden changes in weather, I'm outside more with the children at school or just my body changing and shifting. Thanks to the lovely people at Nivea* my skin is slowly becoming less dry and normal, but its still important to keep up the hydration as we transition into winter. 


Face & Lips - My face is dry a lot more recently as I've started to incorporate Tret into my skincare routine. The benefits of using the strong ingredient is amazing but my god it makes my skin so dry and flaky! The soft moisturising cream* is universal as it can be used on the face, body and hands. I love it for the face, mainly my nose area. This part of my face gets so dry and the skin begins to peel and flake off. I've been avoiding putting on so much foundation and powder around my t-zone area too because it looks so cakey and disgusting. 

Nivea lip balms are my favourite. They are budget friendly, soothing and protects the lips from dry skin and damage too. The soothe and protect lip balm* is a firm favourite in my handbag. Its great to apply under face masks, who has time to put on lipstick these days! A little bit of lip balm, sometimes tinted, works wonders and keeps my lips under the mask super hydrated. 

Hands - The constant hand washing and hand gel has impacted my hands so much, they are dry, rough and sometimes these little bumps appear too - mainly when the alcohol strength in the gel is high. This repair care hand cream* has been a life saver. The vitamin b5 that is high up in the ingredients list works to soften and repair the hands at the same time as moisturising and hydrating - its a winner! 

Body - If I'm terrible at anything beauty related, its applying body moisturiser. I've tried different brands and textures but nothing gives me motivation. I really hate applying it in the morning because then all my clothes begin to stick and feel stuck for the rest of the day. When I do remember, or when I start to itch, I love applying the nourishing body lotion*, its thick and smells delicious.

I'm really trying my hardest to combat the dry skin I suffer with, more now then ever before! Do you have any dry skin product saviours? 

*pr samples

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