Top 5 Nude Lipsticks for Medium Skintones

My lipstick collection is filled with 90% nudes and the rest are the odd red or pink shade. What can I say? I love a good nude lipstick and I feel like I have to add, they're all different! They are either different formulas or different tones. I thought I would round up my top 5 today and talk you through them...I have titled this post for medium skin but I think there is something for everyone in this post.

Huda Beauty Throwback
This is the lightest nude of them all, very much more of a peachy pink. I love the formula of these HB bullet lipsticks, creamy, pigmented and wear well throughout the day. I can only wear with shade with a darker lip liner underneath otherwise it looks horrific, but many liners that I have tried including Huda Beauty ones look amazing and the lipstick pairs so well with them all.

MAC Velvet Teddy
A classic nude lipstick that I know so many people love. I found it hard to choose between this Honey Love and Mehr - they are all incredible nude lipsticks. MAC is great when it comes to finding the perfect lipstick shade as they have a variety of undertones, shades and finishes. I love Velvet Teddy paired with a lip gloss or on its own, its perfect for everyday. 

Fenty Uncuffed
Liquid lipsticks are great to wear when the formula is long lasting and pigmented, Fenty Beauty does this and more! They have the most gorgeous shades and this lightweight, super pigmented lipstick is probably my most worn day and night shade. I know that if I apply this in the morning it will still be there in the evening, no cracking or flaking. I'm getting towards the end of this now and it breaks my heart because it is so beautiful! 

Wet N Wild Mocha-licious
The cheapest of the bunch (only £3) and the darkest. I keep Mocha-licious in my car, so its there for when I forget to apply anything when at home or if I need a top up. Its great to apply really quickly and it super matte - which I love in a lipstick. It has a very cool undertone and would suit medium skin tones amazingly well.  

NYX Sandstorm
I bought this NYX liquid lipstick on a random shop when in Boots, the shade reminds me of a Kat Von D lipstick I used to own a few years back. The formula of these aren't the best, they tend to crack away during the day/ when you have food ect but it reapplies really well and looks gorgeous.

They're all pretty similar but different in their own way.... right?! 

                                                 What's your favourite nude shade?                                             

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