Turning 23

Happy Sunday All. I'm not one to post on the weekends, but today I am feeling super reflective. I decided to get my laptop out and just start typing...Yesterday, was actually my birthday, and I turned the golden age of 23. Its such a funny age to turn, not really that important but has a bit of significance. Genuinely, I forget my age at time, someone will ask me and the first number that comes out is 21 - its like I only want to be that age from now on. I thought I'd share some pictures from my birthday 'in lock down' with you in this post and give you some reflective thoughts too. 

The original plan for yesterday was actually to spend the day out. Lion King was coming to my local theatre, and I'd booked tickets back in September of last year. However, due to the current circumstances the show was cancelled and we'll have to wait till 2022 now! Nevertheless, I've had a lovely day at home with family, lots of video calls and of course an immense amount of food! 

                       When I look over the last year or so, it has been one crazy ride. A couple of days before my birthday last year, my grandma sadly passed away. The funeral was on my birthday, which wasn't a pleasant experience at all. Her death affected me a lot. She had lived with us for over a year, before moving back to her own place. We spent so much time with her and she planned to move in with us for the foreseeable, her plan was to go back to her house and start packing things up. The universe however had different plans. My birthday was pretty much a write off last year, one year on and I still miss her like crazy. Its mad how much impact 1 person can have on your life. 

I'm finishing my second year of full time teaching this summer too, the past year has been CRAZY. Around Christmas time my partner teacher got a promotion within the school, so I began to work with someone from the secondary school, with no primary experience. I took on a lot of work and it affected my health a lot. We got through it as a team and little me, with little experience has helped someone so much they're staying in primary! Then COVID-19 happened, since March, I've been going in once a week for key worker children but majority of my teaching has been done online. I never thought I'd be giving lessons from my home! September will be the start of my 3rd year teaching, it makes me feel sick just saying that. 

Since being in lock-down, I've been doing lots of things for me. As selfish as it sounds, its been nice to have some time for me. When you work all week and into the weekend, you forget about so many things that make you happy. I've been doing my nails, painting, cooking and investing so much time into my skin. I have always had skin issues, spots, pigmentation, redness - you name it. But over the last few months, my skin has transformed itself and I am so happy with the results. I will definitely have to share my before and afters one day because WOWZA.    

The outfit I am wearing for my birthday, is a custom piece from the lovely team over at EthnoVogue. They create custom clothing that is made to fit you perfectly. The outfit that I went with is a two piece that was perfect for when the sun came  out at the weekend. It has a peplum style floral top, with wide leg cream trousers. I love how this whole outfit makes me look so much taller!  The material quality is fantastic but the fit is just outstanding. It honestly fits me like a glove, I haven't had to adjust it or anything. 
I have found, that as I get older, I am becoming more of a positive, optimistic person. I'm always looking for the good in situations or trying to find a solution to things and overall just being more ME. Even though, last week I was hating the fact that I was turning 23, I think its actually a good thing. Its the perfect time to wipe the slate clean, look after myself more and care less about what people think. Turning the bad into a good and enjoying life. If the past year has taught me anything, its that life is too short. You only have one. 

Sorry for all the rambles, if you made it this far, I would love to know what you've been doing since we've been in lock-down. Have you been investing time in yourself? 


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