Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Review

The Sensual Skin Enhancer by Kevyn Aucoin,  a cult beauty item, that I have always heard so much about! I’ve read reviews and watched numerous videos, scrolled past posts on Instagram - everything, all on this little pot.. I was so curious if it was worth the hype and if it works for my oily skin. I'd spotted this in TK Maxx a few months back and have had it my stash for a while, then a couple of weeks ago I started using it here are my thoughts...                           
kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer indian skin

What is the SSE?
A waterproof makeup enhancer for the face that provides sheer and complete coverage and hydrates the skin.

What does it do?
Cover all your bases with The Sensual Skin Enhancer. This all-in-one, waterproof formula delivers complete coverage when used as a concealer, highlighter, an allover foundation, or to contour your features. Infused with jojoba and honey, it works to hydrate the skin, and it is formulated with minerals that support the skin and is sweat proof and transfer resistant for full coverage and long-lasting wear.

First things first, the jar is really small! I always saw videos of the product being used but never actually realised how small it was. You can buy this at, for the normal price of £38. I bought it in TK Maxx for £16, which is a bargain. The jar has a luxurious finish, like all the other items made by Kevyn Aucoin. The dark brown tones make this product look exclusive.

After doing (a lot) of research I found that my ideal shade would be SX10 and when I saw it in store, I knew it was my time to try. It is described as a medium warm toned color but it looks pretty yellow/golden. This is a versatile product which can be used for everything on your face and body, used in different techniques.
It can be used as a concealer, all over foundation, highlighter, contour - basically anything.

kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer sx10

How it performed:

This little pot has a product inside that is very thick, like super thick. It scared me upon first use as I didn't expect it to be like this and the formula is very pigmented. As you can see, the swatch on my finger below is the tiniest amount yet it is of a high coverage. I tried using this a few different ways, for me foundation was a big no no (too thick), as a contour or highlighter wouldn't work for my skintone as this is a pretty close match to my normal colour. However, as a corrector this works wonders. 

I apply the tiniest, I mean so small, amount of product on a brush and apply under my eyes, around my eyes and on any dark scars after primer and before foundation. The SSE evens  out my skin tone, helps with discolouration and cancels out redness. I then proceed as normal and apply the rest of my makeup. Foundation applies on top without any issues, nothing looks cakey and it sits really well on my oily, textured skin. 

kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer review

I can't do my makeup without the SSE any more as my skin just doesn't look as flawless or finished. Yes it expensive, but this 1 pot is going to last me a long time, and to say I've already used it a great deal, it doesn't look like I've touched it in the slightest. 

Have you tried this before? Or even any other Kevyn Aucoin products, I'm wanting to try more from the brand now! 

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