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I don't know about you, but I can't pack light for my life. I try my best to cut things out, write lists and keep it to a minimum even try small little bags to inside one big bag. Let's be honest, nothing works - its hard!! Clothes are hard work but beauty (including makeup and skincare) is even harder. I struggle to find a makeup bag that can fit everything in, but doesn't feel heavy or bulky. Until, I found the makeup bag of dreams from Ellis James Designs*. 
ellis james designs

Ellis James Designs have a whole range of bags for you to choose from, there's an offer at the moment to get one for free when you buy one! This is their makeup train case that retails for £19.95, its ideal for so many things, but the perfect use has got to be for travel.
Its essentially a cosmetic bag with storage compartments that can be moved around, a zipped compartment on the lid, 12 makeup brush holders and an extra small make up case purse just in case you run out of room.
Wedding season starts for me in a couple of weeks, with one in this country and a huge one in India in April!!! Then all through the summer too, its a busy year this year and I have to keep myself ready and prepared. I've filled this with pretty much everything I *think* I need...
makeup train case

Inside the compartments...

I've set this up to replicate the different areas of makeup that I apply. I think this bag would be great for anything, not just makeup and my plan is to try and squash some skincare in too! I've made the compartment at the bag longer by taking out the divider to fit all my palettes in. This has a few eye-shadow palettes in, lots of shadow sticks, mascara, eyeliner and even some lashes slotted right in.

Then, in the front three I have everything split up also but these are my bulkier items. In the smallest one to the left, are my lip products. This is the section I keep swapping things for, lips are so hard for me - I don't want to be restricted to just a few...I want them all!

Next to it, we have the base sections. Foundation, powder, concealer and all that jazz. I love that the sections are big enough for my UD All Nighter bottle too, most makeup bags don't fit this in and I end up having to carrying it by itself. Love this bag just for this!

As you can see, there is still a lot more room in this bag. Wiggle room and additional room to add things in and fill it right up. I'm excited to see how much more I can fit inside...and I must add, it doesn't feel heavy at all!

ellisjamesdesigns review

travel makeup bag

The overall design of the bag is incredible, its quilted on the outside and cream lined inside. I love the size, its ideal for everything and anything and the fact that it doesn't get heavy makes me love it even more! Of course, once I put it into a suitcase, it will weigh a bit but its better in one rather than separate ones. 

Inside the flap, there's another pocket where I'm got small tools such as tweezers, cotton buds ect. Its a handy little pocket for smaller items. I also love the addition of the brush holder pocket, they are another item that are so hard to pack away, as they get ruined. This pocket is perfect to store all my brushes and the sponge too. 

This bag is just pure genius and you need one in your life! It will make your travelling life so much easier! 

*PR Sample

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