Sudocrem, The Unsung Hero

In the beauty world, there are 100s of products released every week. Some are hits and others are flops, in the skincare world there is one product that I come back to, time and time again. In my mind, if you use/repurchase a product more than twice, then its a holy grail and worth the splurge. For me this is 'Sudocrem', this unsung hero does not get enough praise for all its qualities and uses. Fear not, I will explain why it is an item you need to have in your stash - and it won't break the bank. 
sudocrem acne
The photo below is my current tub of Sudocrem, as you can see, there is very little left! I love it and this post is in collaboration with the brand, which is a dream come true, as its a product that I use and love. The very recognisable tub, has been around since the 1930s. It has been helping people with their concerns for nearly 90 years and rightly so, because it is incredible. 

Here are just some of the uses:
1. Soothes the Skin  -  This cream will help soothe any skin that feels dry, irritated or even burnt. A little bit of this in those areas, will keep it soft and soothe down the redness and pain.
2. Bites & Stings - A use that I didn't know of until I went on holiday in August, but one that I will not forget! When you get bitten or stung by anything its a pain, a little bit of Sudocrem and your bite/sting will calm down almost instantly and help the size of it too.
3.Burn - If you get sun burnt easily then a thin layer of the antiseptic cream will help the peeling and allow you to still enjoy the weather. 

There are so many more benefits and uses of this pot of wonder, it helps with nappy rash, cuts and scrapes, cracked heels and so much more! 

sudocrem acne review

How I use Sudocream:

For me, Sudocream is best when applied on my face and why its my skincare cabinet hero. In fact, it has its own little section in my bathroom - I would be lost without it. 

The  Sudocrem Skin Recovery Cream (RRP £5.99), which is only available at Boots is a new discovery but will soon become an obsession.  This is perfect if you suffer from dry skin on the face or body. A tiny bit of this in those areas will help soothe, moisturise and cure the dryness. I love using it around my chin area, elbows and on my neck as these areas are so dry at the moment! I only take a tiny little bit and make sure I really rub it in. Within a few hours, the dryness is gone and my skin looks as good as new.

Then we have the cute little pot -  My Little Sudocrem, (RRP £2.99) available in most supermarkets and is a life saver. I can't even tell you how many times this has saved my spotty, breakout prone skin! I tend to get those painful, red, inflamed spots on my face rather than blackheads and they are a pain to get rid of. No amount of poking, picking or strong acne cream will get rid of them. But, Sudocrem does! On the first day, the spot will become less red and shrink in size. Then, on the second day it will shrink even more and become more of a bump on my skin rather than spot. Finally, by the third day the spot is gone - no pain, no picking and scarring, just back to my normal skin. It really is LIFE CHANGING. 

sudocrem review for skin

When my skin is hormonal and breaking out all over the place, I apply a thin layer of Sudocream all over my face at night time and go to sleep. This face mask of cream, will help with any nasties on my face and I can wake up the next day with much better looking skin. It doesn't dry it out, nor does it go everywhere - it really is amazing!

Are you a Sudocrem fan?
*pr samples, all opinions are my own

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