Beauty Switch Up for October

Erm, hello Ocotber! There is only 3 months left of 2019 and its crazyyyy! As the colder, dark months come around I am ready to switch up my beauty routine. There's some makeup, tools and of course skincare - everything to get ready for the new season and month. 
silk pillow case acne

Creams to Oils
My skin gets a lot drier this time of year and I am preparing earlier by changing from creams to more facial oils. The Pixi Rose Oil Blend* is my number one favourite, it sinks right into my skin, helps to nourish it and I find it works well at helping with my acne scarring. I want to buy more facial oils this month to try as this is nearly out, if you have any suggestions then please let me know. 

SOS Hair Removal 
In the winter my legs hibernate, no hair gets removed for a long time. Call me lazy and disgusting but I really don't see the point. Instead I focus on the parts that people/I can really see. My eyebrows!!!! There's something in the air in the winter I swear, because they grow so quickly - compared to normal. To keep them in check I love using the Lilibeth Brow Shaper*, this little tool is magical. It helps to keep those ingrown hairs away and helps you keep the shape of your brow inbetween appointments. I couldn't live without it. 

Lip Care 101

Nothing I hate more than chapped or cracked lips. I tend to switch up my lip products to make sure that I don't harm my lips more than they already are. I pile on the lip balm whenever I can, and then for colour stick to just a lip liner or a liner and gloss. This ensures that my lips are hydrated and not having anything heavy on them. 

Silk Pillowcases
I am so LATE to the party with these but I am here to spread the word and urge you to get yourself some silk pillowcases!! This one is from Morning Glamour and retails at £12.99, I have a single one but they come in sets of 2 too. A silk pillowcase works wonders for the skin and hair. I have found my hair has become a lot healthier in just a few weeks. It isn't falling out at much, its less knotty in the morning when I wake up, which is the biggest benefit for me. I don't feel that it has done much for my skin but for my hair  - life changing! 

Only 4 simple changes but ones that I hope will help me through the Autumn/Winter season! 

*some of these items have been gifted

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