UD Stay Naked Foundation Oily Skin Review

There are a lot of foundation launches at the moment, its kind of hard to keep up! Majority of them seem to be hydrating/glowy ones which I would love to try out but I just know that my oily skin will not like them at all. I've been on the hunt for a new foundation for a while now as I seem to using the L'Oreal 24 Hr Fresh Wear far too much! Urban Decay are a brand that I love, their eye products and setting sprays are some of my favourites, but face products are something that I've never quite dabbled in. That was until they released their newest Stay Naked foundation...                 

urban decay stay naked foundation review

All About Urban Decay’s Stay Naked Foundation

Urban Decay have brought out a foundation that claims to exactly match any skin tone, but its a little bit harder than usual. There are three steps to finding the perfect shade and trying to navigate this on my own was a challenge and I didn't want to risk choosing the wrong shade. Instead I headed to a UD counter and picked up a sample in 50NN which is my perfect shade for now. 

This foundation is: 

* Vegan, build able medium coverage liquid foundation
* Real-skin matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours
* 50 shades with 9 shade intensities, 3 master tones, and 7 undertones to a precise colour match
* Waterproof, long wear
* Breathable, flexible formula
* Stay-true colour, which minimises the appearance of pores
* 100% cruelty free
* 1 oz/ 30mL £29


The foundation comes in a elegant bottle, which is actually plastic! I love this as it is so much easier to travel with than a glass bottle. It also comes with a pump, which I think every foundation needs. I find that this one sometimes spits out the product, so you have to be careful. The gold embossing and sleek bottle is matching to the concealer that they have brought out with this foundation too. 

The Verdict

Now, I picked up a small sample from Debenhams before purchasing the full size because I wanted to make sure the shade was right and this formula was worth the money. The shade is a perfect match for me which I couldn't be happier about and I used the sample one day and then ordered the full size bottle the next. It is just incredible. 

It isn't runny or thick, just in the middle. It is a medium build able coverage foundation that can be catered for whatever your need. I need to use a total of two pumps to get the coverage and finish that I like, to cover all scars and uneven skin tone. I require the tiniest bit of concealer around my chin area and then a bit of powder in the tzone area just to set everything in place. It looks amazing on my skin and lasts just as well. I've worn this at several family get together, long days out shopping and in the heat and it does not budge. It stays put, doesn't get oily or shiny, feels lightweight on the skin and wears better as the day goes on. My biggest critic is my mum, and she loves when I wear this foundation. In fact when I switch to something else - she can tell straight away! I don't have a negative word to say about this beauty! Its fabulous and if you have oily or even combination skin then this is ideal. If you are more on the dry side, I don't think this would work for you as it sets matte even with a hydrating primer underneath. 


I've seen a lot of people on line comparing this to some of my other favourite oily skin foundations but I don't really agree...
Estee Lauder Double Wear is more of a full, heavy coverage compared to this. I wouldn't say they are the same at all. 
The L'Oreal Fresh wear might have the same ingredients but is completely different. You can feel it on the skin, whereas this is undetectable. 
stay naked foundation all daystay naked foundation oily skin

The above pictures are of my skin just after applying the foundation and the rest of my makeup. Then after 11 hours wear, during which I moved a whole classroom round and went IKEA shopping. It held up well, in fact I think it looks better around my chin and pores after then it did before! 

Thank you for stopping by, let me know what you think or if you have your eye on any of the other foundation launches! 


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