5 Korean Skincare Tips

Korean beauty has taken over the world by storm and I have been a big fan. I love that their is a stress on the importance of looking after the skin before anything else and I am obsessed with all the different, unusual products. I've reviewed many Korean skincare products on here in the past, from Cosrx to Klairs. In today's post I thought it is about time that I share some Korean skincare tips...tips that I've learnt along the way...

I am a huge lover of watching a few Youtube channels that are always sharing their good habits when it comes to Korean skincare. Recently, I've discovered more (who knew there could be more!) through this very handy bible. Let me introduce to you the Korean Skincare Bible* (£10.00). Three fabulous ladies - Lilin Yang, Leah Ganse and Sara JimĂ©nez are behind this wonderful creation. They are the people behind MiiN cosmetics and are the experts in Korean cosmetics. They have stores in all over Europe and have an on line store that sells an overwhelming amount of k-beauty products. I've not been able to lift my head out of this book, it is such a good read! Here are some of the BEST tips I've picked up from it...

#1 Water based cleansers are ideal for a good second cleanse.

Until trying the White in Milk Whipping Foam Cleanser (£21.99), I did not know how good water based cleansers are. It is the ideal cleanser to remove oil, makeup and suncream but also great for water-based impurities. I'm talking things like sweat - something that a normal oil cleanser doesn't always do. I also learnt that by letting the foam sink in for a minute gives it time to work inside the pores. 

#2 Facial mists are life changing.

I've loved using the Caudalie Beauty Elixir* for a few years now but I never knew facial mists had so many uses.If you skin feels dry - spray, makeup needs refreshing - spray, on a plane and your skin is dying - spray. It is one of those ''can never do wrong'' products. 

#3 Caring for the neck.

One part of my body I am always neglecting is my neck and its not until reading this book that I understood why I need to give it more TLC. Just like the skin on our face, the neck loses elasticity and hydration. 

#4 Bubble Masks are FUN!

I love doing a face mask every week, it helps to draw out all the nasty things that are living under the surface of my skin. Its also the perfect excuse to have a full on pamper session. The one thing I never used was a bubble mask - after seeing the Internet go crazy for them, I was so excited to try the Fruit Soda (£3.29)* one. This purifying mask contains carbonated water bubbles that deep clean pores and mattify the skin in just 10 minutes. I love how clean, like squeaky clean my skin felt after using it and since having it in my life I have ordered more to keep me going!
#5 The 7 Skin Method.

Now, my world was turned around when I read this. This method is all about how we apply toner - a very important step in any skincare routine. Its a way of layering toner on the skin 7 times, this hydrates the skin and leaves it looking radiant - not oily! The routine is simple;
- cleanse
-dampen a few cotton pads with toner and dab over the skin or pat the toner directly using palms
- allow the toner to absorb
- repeat steps 2 and 3 six more times. 

This is great method if the skin is lacking dehydration, exposure to the sun and when on a long flight to keep the skin feeling supple. This method has proved more effective to my skin than any cream ever has! I do this using the Rose toner from Pixi. 

I hope this post has been somewhat useful to you, if you are a fan of k-skincare or would like to discover more then this bible is for you!


Parie x

*pr samples

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