Evening Summer Makeup

The weather over the past week has been glorious. As a family, we have been going out a lot more in the evenings after work, as its cool but still a little hot. This makeup look has been my go to, as it is lightweight. Still having golden eyes and skin with a bit of a nude lip. I think its important to seem it simple when the sun is out because you don't want to be clogging up pores and looking extra oily. I've also been loving some new makeup brushes and just had to share them with you before they get really dirty and I forget to clean them....
evening summer makeup

summer makeup oily skin


The Cover FX power play foundation (full review) is great for the evening as it gives me coverage, feels light on the skin and keeps me matte with a slight dewy glow. The base polisher brush* is amazing at working the foundation into the skin and making it look flawless. I only have to use one thin layer for it to look good and then I top up areas such as chin and under the eyes with the Fenty concealer to give me an extra boost of coverage. 

The matte and dewiness that the foundation gives my skin is beautiful and I don't feel the need for powder on top - which is a first for me. However, if I am feeling that my skin is super greasy then I dust a little powder in my t-zone using the powder brush* as it packs the product on. It just sets on the skin and looks wonderful. To give my skin some bronze goodness, I apply the Fenty Bronzer with shaping veil brush*, a brush that is domed ever so slightly and very thin, making it easy to apply bronzer on the forehead and the cheeks without it going everywhere. I love this brush the most out of the whole kit, as it doesn't absorb a great deal of product and is soft! 

Highlighter is of course a must in the summer, for the face and the body. Wet n Wild do some incredible ones that are less than £5 yet so pigmented. I have 4 they are so good. I love using my fingers to apply this on my cheeks and under my brows. Then taking the blush brush* and swirling it all over my collar bone area. When the evening sun hits the diffused powder highlight, it looks magical. 

kitstars makeup brushes

All the Kit Stars brushed are made with high quality materials but are sold for the fraction of the price. Just looking at them and even using them, you wouldn't believe that some of the brushes retail for under £10. The full brush kit, which is also vegan, retails at £60*. They come in a cute bag that is perfect for travelling and each brush can be used for its purpose or for something else. There is everything in this kit to create a full look, whether you are a makeup lover or a professional - these brushes are well worth checking out. 
kitstars eye brushes review


I'm rubbish when it comes to doing eye makeup, I am not creative at all. For me and eye look is simple, quick and easy to do - a couple of different shadows all mixed together to hopefully create something that looks half decent. I dug out my Jaclyn Hill palettes as they weren't getting much love. There is so much drama about her recent lipstick launch, that I can't keep up! However, these Morphe palettes that she launched last year have never done me any harm. They are pigmented, buttery and come in 4 different styles - a shade for all occasions. 

There are five eye brushes in total*. A tapered blender* which is ideal for applying shadow in the crease, the size of the brush is great for big eyes like mine as it gets most of the eye in one or two swipes. Then the smaller tapered brush* which is perfect for applying finer details of shadow, such as in the inner corner or under the brow. If you have a glitter, this brush does well at helping you diffuse it out. The shade* brush is one of those 'can't go wrong brushes', it packs on colour and is my favourite brush to use out of them all as it doesn't soak much product up. The micro pencil* and short angle* brushes are two that I haven't used. They seem to be for the finer details e.g cutting the crease, liner, lower lash line colour. Many uses but not ones that I really need for a quick evening look. 

A coat of mascara and the Colourpop liquid lipstick and my evening summer makeup is done. I love that the eye look that can be worn in many different ways, the lips can change and so can other bits - just something a little lighter but pretty for the evenings. 
*pr samples, all opinions are my own

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