Cover FX Power Play Foundation First Impressions

I'm always really wary of trying a new foundation. I have the fear of wearing it and my skin becoming really oily during the day and I have no way of saving it. Then I always panic about it breaking me out. Basically, I get scared. I need something that's medium to full coverage to cover everything, that will last me all day at work and not look or feel really heavy on the skin. I mentioned in my haul not that long ago that I managed to bag the Cover FX Power Play Foundation for a really good price. Its been loved by many beauty gurus on line, therefore I have very high hopes for trying it. Read on to find out my first impressions...                              

What The Brand Says:

 The Cover FX PP Foundation is a matte foundation that comes in over 40 different shades. It is full coverage, sweat proof, shine controlling and gives the skin protection from the environment. The Cover FX Shade System is based on undertone for a truly perfect match. To make shade matching simple, their shades are consistent across all formula's. Find your match in one Cover FX foundation and it’s your perfect match across all formula's.

Find your shade range (Light–Deep)
Light: 0-20
Medium: 25-40
Medium Deep: 50-85
Deep: 90-125
Find your undertone (Underlying skintone)
P = Pink – A rosy, cooler hue to the skin
N = Neutral – Equal parts of pink and golden to the skin
G = Golden – A yellow, warmer hue to the skin*

Packaging & My Shade

The foundation comes in a square shaped plastic bottle. It has a nozzle to squeeze the product out, as opposed to a pump or tube. As the bottle is plastic, its very lightweight and easy to travel with. Choosing a shade was really difficult as there are so many to choose from. After deliberating for a while on swatches and videos of people a similar shade to me in other foundations I went with G50. In the swatch it looks way darker and warmer than my skin, but on my face once I've applied everything else it looks pretty perfect. 

First Impressions

Let's see how it performed. This isn't a full coverage foundation by any means, you need at least 3 light layers before everything is completely and effortless covered. After one layer, my skin looks even in colour, nothing peeps through and it looks pretty good. As soon as I wore the foundation, my skin brightened up - it looked refreshed and glowing but still with that matte finish. It hasn't got a thick texture or consistency so the layers don't feels heavy on the skin. Around my chin (where I get the spots) it looked fine, didn't emphasise texture or look cakey. 
I applied this at about 1pm and went on a day trip to London to see family, we came back home at around 1am. This was still pretty much on my face everything. At around the 7 hour mark, it had slightly broken up around the nose, and I was quite oily in the t-zone area but a quick blot with the tissue made that go away. The thing I love the most about this foundation that is going to make me use it more is the glow it gives to my skin, not too much just a nice bit of dewiness. 

If you have combination skin or even dry then this is perfect for you but if you have super oily skin then I would stay away unless you've got a long lasting powder to set it with. I just love how it makes my skin look and can't wait to use it more.
Small Update - It didn't break me out the next day! 

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