Procoal Activated Charcoal Scrub Review

My skincare is my life. More so recently than makeup, its just the base for everything. I adore the products that can be used in the shower or a quick fix. I spoke about the Procoal Marine Moisture Mask not that long ago and since have repurchased them because they are amazing. I love using them during the week when my skin needs some TLC. They add some nourishment and love. Procoal have recently added the Activated Charcoal Scrub* to their ever growing range.                            
procoal review

procoal activated charcoal

This mask has been designed to remove impurities so that the face is purified, cleansed and invigorated. There are a lot benefits in this scrub too...
Allantoin: A highly effective ingredient which encourages natural skin exfoliation.
Calendula Oil: Recognised for helping restore skin’s natural water balance.
Activated Charcoal: Helps to clear deep-seated pores, removing pollutants to purify the complexion.

This is a all in one scrub, it draws out the excess oil from pores and leaves them less congested. It can also be used as a charcoal face scrub 2-3 times a week to gently exfoliate, cleanse and detoxify the skin. Packed with potent active ingredients, this facial scrub is suitable for men and women and will help reveal a purified complexion after each use.

procoal activated charcoal scrub

My Experience:
I did not expect the scrub to be white - for some reason, I was wanting to see a black scrub appear. I really like the fact that its white with bits of crushed charcoal mixed within. The crushed particles shouldn't put you off, this is not abrasive on the skin at all. I love taking the tiniest amount and applying it all over my face. As soon as you start rubbing it in, the charcoal pieces begin to work their magic. 
I can feel all the dry skin peeling off and after washing the scrub away, my skin is left feeling super smooth. The more I have used it, the more I can see a benefit from the charcoal. My skin is less congested, even when its the time of the month - I can use this to help those painful under the skin bumps. 
If I'm using it as a mask, I keep it on the skin for about 10 minutes and apply a really thick layer. This mask works wonders for my dryness and oilness, it sucks everything up and makes it feel fabulous. 

charcoal for skin

I'm in love with this little multi-tasking product. Its suitable for all skin types and if you need something in your routine to help restore your skin after winter - then this is for you!

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