Pixi Glow Collection

Pixi is a brand that I talk about regularly talk about on here, instagram and even in real life. So much so that I gave some friends products from their rose range to try. Its a love affair. Their newest and amazing PR package was full of their glow tonic range, it sounded incredible. If the glow tonic wasn't enough, then this range just blew me away. I've tried pretty much everything, some hits and misses - let's break it down...

I was scared to use this at first as my skin doesn't work well with new cleansers unless I patch test it first. With this, I went all in. Its a great hydrating gel that removes impurities without stripping it of essential moisture's. It doesn't remove makeup very well, in the evening I use it as a second cleanse to refresh the skin. My skin is left feeling smooth and visibly brightening. 

Of this whole collection, this serum is hands down my favourite. It has worked miracles on my skin, so much so that when I don't use it, my skin looks dull and awful. This has a very gel like consistency but feels so good on the skin. I apply a tiny bit all over my skin in the evening. The next day my skin looks less dull, bright and just so much better. Over the last month of using this in combination with other products, my scarring has gone down and my skin looks better. I love it. 

This was a odd product at first but as time has gone on, I've found different ways to love it and use it. Its a no fuss moisturiser that is lightweight on the skin, balances the pH out and feels cooling. I apply a tiny amount in the morning under makeup ect and a small amount in the evening. Or sometimes I apply this on alternative nights with the rose oil also from Pixi. This gel is also fabulous to mix with other products such as the serum (mentioned above) to make a skincare concoction. 

The Glow Tonic is a firm favourite within the beauty world and one that I love when my skin is breaking out like crazy and needs to be peeled away. I have a full review here if you fancy a read at how it works for my skin. The On-the-Glow (£18) is one that I am still finding my way around. Its a solid moisturiser, which I haven't used before and I don't think its the best for my skin. It feels a bit harsh on the skin and tingles, which I don't think is normal. It also makes me super oily, when I am already pretty oily as it is, I don't like things that make me look worse. I've kept it to one side for my holidays, hoping that the heat in a hot country will make it work a bit better ... have you had any luck with this? 

I love Pixi so much, I think I need to do a whole skincare routine post soon! 

*gifted items, all opinions are my own


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