Pixi Rose: What Worked and What Didn't

I can't even express the excitement every time I get a Pixi parcel delivered to the door. Such a well known, high quality brand and little old me receives there gorgeous products to try - MIND BLOWN. A couple of months, the entire rose range arrived in a lovely pink, personalised travel bag. There was so much to choose from that I really wanted to get my teeth into all the products before sharing my thoughts. After a lot of trial and error, I've managed to put everything into a pile of works amazing and not so amazing/I can't seem to make them work. Some things work for some people and for others they don't. 
Pixi rose range
Pixi Rose Tonic - LOVE
A firm favourite in my routine when my skin is really angry and red. A quick swipe of this both morning and night after cleansing just calms my skin the f down. Nothing works like this when I get a angry breakout. There is something about the rose being in a toner form that my skin loves. 

Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths - NOT SO MUCH LOVE
I'm not a fan of any makeup removal that doesn't come in the form of an oil or liquid. These just didn't work for me or my skin, and it would have been so good for travelling as well. I tried taking off a full face and it left this horrible residue on my skin, which was very odd. Then I attempted at using it for eye makeup but my eyes went so red and started to sting - which was so unusual :( 

This is the best intense moisturiser I have ever used. A tiny bit of this makes my skin feel so hydrated and refreshed. I love using it in the morning, right after I come out the shower as it sinks into the skin and gives me the perfect base to start applying makeup on. This will be amazing to take me through spring and summer as it will really keep the skin hydrated. Even though its uber thick, it doesn't feel like that on the skin nor does it leave my oily skin feel oily and sticky. 

pixi oily skin

This is so similar to the ceramide cream, both in texture and feeling on the skin. It hydrates the skin, primes it before makeup and helps to make it look youthful. These are the same benefits that I get from the cermaide cream, but there is a slight difference.  This one makes my skin feel slightly greasy but nothing too bad. I can't wear it under makeup as its all slippy but can apply it at night and let it soak up. I'm really torn - but need to find another way to use it and benefit from it. 

As someone who has a lot of scarring on the cheeks and forehead, this oil blend has been a life saver to the scars and the over all feeling of my skin. I apply this as the last step in my routine at night because the next morning I know that I will wake up with no dryness, no flaking, just pure glowing and natural skin. Its an oil that is more than suitable for oily skin (just like mine) and works wonders the more you use it. Over time I have seen such a difference in the overall health of my skin and can't wait to see what other magic it works on my face! 

Rose Caviar Essence - NOT SO MUCH LOVE
If this isn't the prettiest rose product ever! I can just look at it over and over again - so beautiful. The first couple of times I used this, I went in with a lot more product than I should have. It just all piled up on my skin and my skin just looked weird - I can't quite describe it. Then I read about it on line and realised that I only need to take a small bit, press it on to the skin and let it sink in. This time, my skin didn't get or feel weird. However, all the times that I have used this, it hasn't really done much to my skin. It just felt normal after and it hasn't WOWED me. 
pixi rose range review

 Rose Mists  - LOVE
Both the Makeup Fixing and Rose Glow have become firm favourites in my makeup routine. I've mentioned then a couple of times on here and on instagram, they are truly amazing. Not only do they smell good and feel lightweight on the skin but they work wonders to my makeup. Both make great primers, very similar to my beloved Primer Water from Primark. A fine mist, settles in to the skin and makes the skin glowy and ready. Then I love using them for a quick spray during the day when I see a lot of oil, dryness or my makeup starts to cake because of my powder. The quick spray refreshes my makeup and makes me look so much better - in fact better than before!

                 There aren't a lot of products that I don't love, but a few that I just can't make my mind up on. I'll probably give them some more tries and then pass them on to a new home for some love. I am so impressed with the overall range, and can't wait to try more skincare from them!                 
all these products were very kindly gifted to me, all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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