3 Ways to Make Your Business Outfit Unique

Let’s be honest with each other - business outfits can be a little boring! What most business outfits need is a personal touch; a few accessories that make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you go to work in trousers, a dress, or jeans and a t-shirt, this list will help you spice up your work ensemble and truly make it YOURS. Remember, we spend more time at work than at home, so there’s no harm in adding a little extra style to the office. 

3 Ways to Make Your Business Outfit Unique


Subtle but effective, cufflinks are an incredible way of making your business suit unique to you. The reason they’re so great is the sheer variety out there. Keeping it professional with a neutral colour scheme? Inject that little bit of glamour we all crave with some glittery cufflinks. Maybe you’re opting for a more natural approach by adding some greens and browns in and amongst your suit? Well, there’s almost definitely a set of cufflinks to go with your outfit. 

Even if you just want your cufflinks to reflect something you love, there are plenty of unique and novel choices out there, click here to see some of the options. 


Scarves are the underrated powerhouse of the accessory world. They’re great at setting the tone for your outfit or simply adding a little colour to your refined look. Again, one of the best things about scarves is the huge variety in styles and fabrics on offer, not to mention the functional applications of keeping your neck warm in the colder months. 

A pleasant side effect of the diversity in the scarves available is that you can usually find one you love for a reasonable price. Don’t be afraid to browse a charity shop or two and keep an eye out for sales, the best bargains are always tucked away in the corner! 

Oh, and just to make scarves even better, you can wear them in in a variety of ways, keeping your look fresh and exciting every day. 
3 Ways to Make Your Business Outfit Unique


Bags are a little more limited than our other two accessory options because they need to be practical as well as stylish. Practicality doesn’t have to take away from your business look though! Do away with the frumpy laptop bag and upgrade to something a little more exciting. 

Many people are choosing to opt for totes as their bag of choice. Totes are great because they’re simple, big enough to hold everything you need and versatile in appearance. You can find tote bags out there featuring all sorts of different prints and colours, making them suitable for pretty much any outfit you can think of. 

Alternatively, you could go for a stylish satchel. They’re classic, elegant and practical whilst simultaneously adding just the right amount of colour to complement your look. These two choices are just the tip of the iceberg, there are lots of bag options out there and so many of them are suitable for work. Experiment and find what you love! 

Don’t Be Afraid! 

Work clothes don’t have to be boring. What you wear reflects what you like, whether you’re at work or not! Don’t be afraid to test different looks, try out new accessories, or pick out jewellery you love, even if it bucks the trend a little. 

We spend at least a third of our lives at work - the least we deserve is to look and feel good whilst we’re there (and you never know, you might inspire your colleagues to get involved too).
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