Pixi Toner Trio

Happy November! I really can't believe that there is only this month and next left of this year, it is going by way to fast. As November welcomes us, the skincare gods are crying out to us to start looking after the layers of our skin and that starts today. Right now. I had a bit of a pinch me moment last month, when Pixi very kindly sent me their toner family - still can't get my head around it. I have been trialling, testing and trying these and now have some things to tell you...
pixi toners compare

pixi glow tonic acne

The cult favourite for many and for me too. I tried this a couple of years ago and don't quite know why I ever stopped using it. It is formulated with glycolic acid, which exfoliates, brigthens and smoothes the skin. This works wonders at controlling my breakouts, the power of the acid almost peels that dead skin from my face and reveals this new layer. When a spot pops, I apply this on a cotton pad and keep it on that area for a couple of minutes - it stops bleeding and helps to heal them too. I religiously use this every night to keep my skin free of texture and dry skin, its as good as the hype gets. 

pixi rose tonic

 The most recent addition to the Pixi toner family is this retinol tonic. It delivers the benefits of vitamin A that is loved by most along with the benefit of being hydrating. Got to say, I was a little sceptical at first. Retinol is slightly too strong on my skin, well a cream was - to the point where it burnt. So, with this I used it in a small area (forehead) and saw how I got along with it. I am still only using it on my forehead, twice a week to give my skin time to get used to it. It isn't as harsh as other retinol products on the market, almost a stepping stone but still a lot for my skin. After 3 weeks of using it, I noticed that those small bumps/under the skin spots have vanished, my skin is tighter and so much more firmer. 
pixi rose tonic

This is a new addition to their range of toners and is made for those who want a toner that hydrates and neutralises the skin. It is very light and refreshing on the skin, and one sweep instantly lifts my skin. I love using this in the morning, to wake the skin up. It calms all the redness down and makes my skin ready for makeup. There is a very strong rose smell, that isn't overpowering but this doesn't react with my sensitive skin at all - what is there not to love. 

I love that these are travel friendly bottles and a more purse friendly size to try before you buy. Of them all I have to say the Rose has become my staple - the magic it works on my skin is indescribable.


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