Foundation Haul

Hi, My name is Parie and I am a foundation addict. I don't know what it is or why, but I can't seem to stop buying foundations. There is something in me that likes having different choices in the morning and more recently since going over seas and seeing all the different choices, it got me a little crazy and I now have enough to last me a life time. Slight problem... I have none that match my tan! So, I've had to hunt down a foundation darkner because there is no point wasting more money a darker product for a couple of weeks! 
foundation haul
nars haul
These two from NARS were actually ones that I bought from Sal, during her sale on instagram. She's near enough the same shade as me so I jumped at the chance to try these. One is the very famous Sheer Glow, which seems to be a favourite of many people. Claims to give all day coverage without feeling heavy or looking cakey. The other is the Natural Radiant Longwear, which I tried before going on holiday and fell in love with. It is so full coverage, lightweight and it made my skin look beautiful! Very excited to use it again once it matches.
foundation haul asian
I went across the pond with a list of products that I wanted to buy, brands or types of products. More to come in upcoming post, but I've grouped up foundations in one post to make it easier. The first that I picked up is the Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation. This along with one other product from the brand is all that I picked up, because its really expensive. Like everything is above $15 which to me is just crazy! I've seen a lot of this on youtube and just had to try it out, very excited to see if it gives me a glow without looking oily.

A repurchase of mine was the L'Oreal Infallible. Yes, you can buy this in the UK but the shade range and formula in the US is way better. I tried this a while ago and you can find the comparsion post here, along with a link to buy it on Ebay if you do want to try it. I love how this makes my skin look matte and flawless, this is what I wore to an engagement straight after my holiday. It looked really white compared to the rest of me but throughout the day warmed up and looked amazing.

Covergirl is one brand that I have always wanted to try, the Trueblend foundation is the only thing I picked up from the brand as nothing else really popped out to me. I wore this whilst on holiday and even through the heat and sweat it lasted! I can't wait to try this out again and see what it looks like. They had an extensive shade range as well, I ended up having to Google what my best shade would be because there was so much choice. I swear, its just the UK that doesn't have thousands of choice in the 'drugstore'.

indian drugstore haul

Days before I left the UK, Wet n Wild launched on Beauty Bay (just my luck). This didn't stop me though, as I still went ahead and bought some bits from them, including their Photofocus foundation. I have heard so much hype around this and can't wait to try it out, the spatula applicator alone is getting me excited to use it. I found it hard matching my skin to this one as well, as all the shades seem very warm and not yellow enough for my skintone - hopefully this does match!

Finally, a Sephora buy this time is the It Cosmetics Matte CC Cream. I got far too excited when I spotted this in store, as I don't think it has made its way over to the UK yet. The original one is loved by many but a matte version is more suited for my oily skin. I couldn't resist not using this the other week and lets just say - WOW. I will have to post about this beauty soon because it made my pores disappear, skin look semi matte and lasted me throughout the whole day. Ahhh can't wait to use it more and more!

As you can see, I have enough to last me till I die! Are there any here that you fancy trying or reading about

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