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I love reading and watching monthly favourites but always find it hard to do them myself because I am always using the same products! These past two months I have finally been forcing myself to use products that are tucked away and try new things. With the sun making so much more of an appearance too, its been important to use products that keep my skin refreshed and not oily. 
oily skin summer favourites

I posted about the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile & Lavender on my instagram last week and I received so many questions about how I use it and if it is worth it. I was kindly bought this by my friend Georgina, and since then I have been addicted - there are so many ways to use it. In the mornings I spray this on my face to refresh the skin and act as primer under makeup. It gives it a bit of dewy look but nothing too greasy that my face looks horrible. On days where my skin is having a breather from makeup this is amazing to spray to help cool it down and keep it moisturised. As a bonus, it also smells incredible.

Using a facial spray in the mornings in combination with the SkinKissed serum has been doing wonders to my skin before applying makeup. It is more hydrated, supple and smoother. This serum contains so many amazing ingredients that my skin just drinks up and loves. The main ones being rose water, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. A combination that you can not mess with, together they work to hydrate and treat the skin. I feel like this a serum that works on so many different skin concerns, for me its texture. This makes my makeup apply so much better! I don't see my skin cracking, peeling or looking rough underneath foundation and it gives me a smooth base.

I adore Double Wear foundation and swear by it, but sometimes it is just too heavy and I needed something lighter but still with coverage. I fell in love with Revlon's Colourstay a couple of years ago and have recently just fallen back in love all over again. I am currently the shade 330 and it matches me perfectly. There is not one bad thing I can say - not one. I apply one layer, its enough to cover breakouts, redness and scaring. Apply another and my skin is flawless looking but not cakey. I set it with concealer and powder (more on this in a min) and it is full coverage but still looks like my skin. I never realised that a foundation could give me all of this! On top of this, it lasts through the heat without getting oily and still looks just as good hours later. To say I like this foundation is an understatement.

This whole baking trend never really appealed to me very much, it was the idea of having to for something that doesn't appeal very much. However, the Revolution Bake and Finish powder has changed all that for me. I am a hardcore Rimmel Stay Matte fan but this is changing the game DUN DUN DUN. After applying foundation and concealer, I take a whole lot of this powder on my sponge and quite literally pile it on. I do this under my eyes, under my forehead and my chin - the areas that need to be set. Keep it there whilst I do my hair and then sweep it off with a big fluffy brush. I kid you not, this stuff makes your skin look so damn smooth. Everything is set, in place and does not budge for a good 8 hours. This powder in combination with the colourstay foundation is a match made in heaven. Baking - i love you.

Lip liners are one of those products that you never really need but when you don't have it, it messes things up big time. Boldly Bare by MAC is a netural shade that is ideal for everyone and every lipstick shade. I use this to ever so slightly overline my lips and give them some shape, then apply a product on top. It gives my lips a nice base shade because applying anything on top. I wish I had discovered this shade years ago because there are so many different ways it can be paired.

What have you been loving this month?

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