How To Throw The Best Tea Party

This weekend is the Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday! I am sure just like anybody else, she celebrates with her friends and families and marks the occasion. However, she must go all out - she is the Queen after all and this year she has a few new additions too. To mark the occasion I have teamed up with The Grand Hotel  to tell you how you can thrown the most epic tea party, whether it be this weekend for yourself, a gathering with friends or just because!           
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I've thrown a afteroon tea style party quite a few times when I was younger as birthday parties, I was always the one that wanted everyone to come to my house and not go out to do something. However, back then wonderful sites like Pinterest didn't exist. If you are looking at throwing any type of party, then this is your place to go to get some serious inspiration. There is everything on there, from food ideas, decorations and even outfits - it will make the whole process a lot easier and if you have a big group coming then you need to be as organised as you can.

The Accessories:
The first thing to gather is a whole of of crockery, plates, bowls, cups, cutlrey. Not your the ones you use everyday but some fancier ones, the dinner set that you keep for a special occasion. I found some gorgeous bits in a charity shop not that long ago, including a cake stand which is an essential for any tea party. If everything is in different prints or patterns don't worry, it will look even cuter.

I think the name kind of suggests it, you need some tea. From a normal tea bag to flavoured teas such as cranberry, peppermint and mango, supermarkets sell sets of different ones now which is perfect for this style of party. I have a few friends that don't drink tea so I always make sure that I have a selection that includes coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks too. This can be in the form of alcholic or non-alcholic, just make sure you cater for everyone.

There aren't really any rules when it comes to throwing a tea party but there are a couple of things that I personally think should always be included. In my little spread for this post I have some Betty's Yorkshire Tea Loaf* which is just a fruit bread that tastes amazing with a cup of tea. Have a selection of jams and other preseratives too, here I have lemon curd* too because it tastes amazing on anything (my current obsession). The little jars are also really cute and make a great little display when they are empty.
Have some mini sandwiches too! Not only are they really cute to look at and hold but they just taste nicer because they're smaller. Making them can be fun as you get to experiment with different fillings but places now allow you to order and buy them. I think cucumber and cheese, goats cheese and sun dried tomatoes taste the best but feel free to have whatever you and your guests like.

Sweet Treats:
A tea party is not a party without a selection of cakes and sweet treats. Betty's Macaroons* are the best god damn things I have ever tasted. Not overly sweet, available in different flavours and just look amazing when displayed. If you're a good baker, then have a go at making some different mini cakes like victoria sponge or lemon drizzle, for those who may not like the sandwiches these can be a great alternavtive for them to munch on. Don't forget the scones as well!! They are an essential for any tea party.

tea party essentials

I never saw the importance of having something for your guests before they leave or even for them to take with them. It could be a small pack up of any leftovers for them to eat on their way home or even a pack of small fudge pieces*, the bags are already done for you and you can give everyone a choice to pick a flavour. Its almost a party bag for adults! 

I hope this post has inspired you to have a tea party to celebrate The Queen this weekend or even in the near future! 
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