Currently Loving #2

Happy March My Lovelies!! Can't believe we are in another month of this year, it is going so quick already and I can't believe everything that has already happened. Today, I am sharing with you some beauty products that I have been loving as of lately, they have been the things that I have reached for constantly and no doubt will be repurchased soon as well. 
currently loving march

Cosrx AHA Whitehead Power Liquid //

I have previously spoken about this power liquid on the blog and no doubt it will be mentioned again very soon so I don't want to go on about it too much but lets just say it is incredible. My pores are no longer as visible with or without makeup and I don't seem to be breaking out as much either, even when its the time of the month and my hormones are everywhere. A little application of this everynight now instead of every other has really kept my skin at bay. 

This concealer has blown up around the world, they really have created a power product. I ended up buying another shade that is much lighter than my skin tone to use under my eyes and it really is wonderful. It brightens my eyes and looks so good all day, even when I've been rubbing my eyes or crying because it is too cold. It hold up very well and just using the Rimmel stay matte sets it pretty well. I think I need to discover the world of powders, I haven't really explored them very much. 

I ordered some bits for a friend on BeautyBay a few week ago and needed to spend a tiny bit more to get free delivery, we've all been there! I needed a new bronzer after my Sleek contour has hit pan very well, this was only £7.50 and the packaging was too good to miss. I bought the shade Figi Fever and it really is perfect for me, it gives me a gorgeous bronze glow and it doesn't look too muddy. It looks a bit orange if you apply too much but after a bit of blending and only applying a little bit it looks really good and it lasts! 

I have had this since last November as my best friend very kindly bought it from the US for me, but you can now get it in the UK!!! It really is such a beautiful highlighter, I don't think this is as blinding as it has been described by some online but it still is very pretty. The gold shade is perfect of my very olive toned skin, it glistens and shimmers without looking too sparkly and the powder is so finely milled and it blends amazing. 

NYX Mauve Liner & Velvet Teddy // 

Velvet Teddy is a well known favourite amongst many, I have had it for quite a while now but never really used it as I thought it didn't suit me very well. But the think I was missing was a good liner underneath! This one from NYX was a bargain for just £3 and it does the trick. It is a very deep nude that lines my lips and gives them a darker base before applying the lipstick that looks incredible on top. I am loving this combo as a everyday look and so pretty. 

Essie Gel Couture // 

Essie is one brand that I haven't really explored very much and then in Boots I noticed they had so many gift sets for Christmas reduced. I managed to get the gel couture kit, which includes a deep red and the matching top coat for just £5. When they retail for £9.99 each it was too good of a bargain to miss. I've had this on both my fingers and toes and it looks amazing, the colour is gorgeous and this is the best drugstore gel brand that I have tried. It lasts for weeks and so easy to apply without feeling really thick or hard. 

What have you been loving this month? 


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