Styling Medium Length Hair

My hair is at its best at the moment, healthy, mid length and very easy to manage. I have straight hair, to the point where I can dry it upside down and it will still be straight. It is also very thick, so I have to go to the hairdressers every so often to get it thinned out, I usually have some layers put it in to help balance the weight out but find myself then hating layers when I want to do something with my hair - there is no winning. I am doing my hardest to grow it out for my graduation later on this year, which means keeping on top of the looking after it. I have also started actually styling it in different ways recently rather than just keeping it straight and these are the products I have been loving to use. 
styling short/medium lenght layered hair

wet brush review thick hair

I spoke about this conditioner recently on instagram, but infact the shampoo is just as good. The Smooth and Sleek range from Pantene has transformed my hair. It doesn't make it oily after a few days and the conditioner has helped restore moisture back into my roots which were dying to say the least. They both smell like sweets and have worked such wonders on my hair. I shampoo my hair about three times a week, nothing worse than having horrible, greasy hair! 
At the end of my shower and before stepping out, I take the very useful tool that is the WetBrush (£11.99) and comb through my hair. This genius invention removes all the tangles and smooths my hair out ready for the next step. It doesn't hurt when it comes to a knot nor does it feel like its pulling on my hair, it just brushes through them - how it does this I have no idea. I have also been keeping a mini version in my handbag to use on my hair after the wind attacks it and it is incredible at making it look normal and not a hot mess.
medium layered hair
styling short hair

Pro Blo brush

I then attempt to dry my hair and have been loving the Pro Blo voluminising brush and by using a using a barrel I roughly dry my hair with the hair dryer and then take the barrel to add some volume to my hair. The problem with having naturally straight hair is that is just sits on me, since using a barrel for the bottom sections of my hair it gives me a boost and makes it look so much better. If I have time, then I adore curling my hair. It gives me some texture, makes me look alive and looks very pretty. They don't last in my hair for very long at all, no matter how much product I use or what tool, the curls always drop after a few hours but sometimes the dropped curls look better than the done up ones. If I have no time, then I go with either straight hair or do some sort of fancy ponytail, I am loving having two loose braids around the front and a low pony at the back, its different and so pretty.

I may not be the best at doing hair but I am so very happy with how it looks and feels right now, nothing can beat healthy hair! 

photos by the lovely Laura as always, who if you are around the Leeds area - need to get in touch with! 


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