Top 17 Beauty Favourites

2017 went by as quick as flash, it sounds cliche as hell but time is going so quickly and I have no idea how to keep up! It was a busy year and this year is going to be getting even busier, just knowing that I have so many things lined up is making me both anxious and excited at the same time. After recovering from all the food over Christmas and lack of sleep, I am excited to get back on with the blogging. This is my very first post of 2018 and what a good one it is. These are my top 17 (for the year 2017) beauty favourites, I decided to only pick a number of things otherwise the post would be almost an essay and no one wants to read that much. There's some skincare, makeup and other bits that are very handy. 

The past six or seven months, I have drastically changed my skincare and started to focus on combating different things in different ways. The state that my skin was in to now is remarkable, in fact I could not be happier to be in my own skin. I do get the occasional blemish but nothing too bad. The Magnitone Face Brush has changed my skin for the better, using it everyday or sometimes every other cleans my skin like nothing else. It gives it a deep clean and works its way into the clogged pores. If you need something powerful and inadditon with your cleanser this is the one.

Nouveau Fine Point Tweezers

This is such a random thing to include but tweezers are my ride or die tool. I could not live without them. These ones are some of the best that I have used! Long and thin with a very fine point to help pluck every damn hair I have on certain areas. The help to get those really stubborn hairs out too.

Botanics Moisturiser & Botanics Scrub*

Skin products wise, I have switched from using ranges that are targeted for acne prone skin to combination skin. The 'breakout prone, great for spots' ranges are amazing but far too drying for my skin and too much in one go does more damage than care. I love using products from the Botanics range as everything is simple, soothing and natural. My skin doesn't breakout from anything and it feels hydrated.

GWA Brushes*

I am so fussy when it comes to makeup brushes, they have to be a certain way for me to like the. Girls with Attitude brushes have stolen my heart, after years of only using Real Techniques and occasionally using a MAC brush, these have taken over. I have a few particular favourites from them, the best one being the highlighter brush. It picks up just the right amount of product and doesn't soak up too much. I also adore the angled contour brush for bronzer, its so soft and the perfect size to sweep product all over. I also love the blending brush from the eye collection, very similar to a MAC 217, it works like a dream!

Primark Primer Water

Primer is a product that I could never live without. It helps my makeup stay on my face and when I don't wear one, I know that my skin is going to look a mess in just a few hours. The Primark primer water is BLOODY AMAZING. It doesn't break me out which is the biggest benefit, it sprays evenly across the face and works really well. It keeps my base makeup on throughout the day no matter the condition of weather or type of foundation and it doesn't feel too sticky. I need to stock up on some bottles!

Fenty Foundation

When Rhianna launched her beauty line, the foundation was the thing I had my eye on the most. It matches me perfectly and doesn't make me look too warm or ashy. It is perfect if you have oily skin or combination like me as it dries down, making it last a lot longer and looks fresh all day. I use this more on the days when I need more coverage or need my makeup to take me from day to night. It really does seem too good to be true, but its a holy grail foundation .

Max Factor Foundation

On a everyday occasion, I tend to reach for the Max Factor Healthy Elixir. I have gone through three bottles of this now and you can see that I am in need of a new one pretty soon. There is just something about it that I love and adore. The coverage is medium, which is perfect for everyday and the shade is a perfect match for me right now. I love how matte it feels and looks and can't fault it one bit. For a drugstore foundation this is pretty good and not too pricey.

Tarte Concealer

The very talked about and raved about concealer just had to be included in my favourites. It really is worth all the hype but only if you like a heavy duty concealer, otherwise this isn't for you. I love applying this on its own without foundation and on top with other makeup products. It conceals, covers and doesn't dry out on the skin - the formula is very thick in my opinion so a little goes a very long way.

MUR Liquid Drops*

There are so many highlighters that I love and picking just one to include was very difficult for an addict like me. I might do a separate post mentioning all the ones I love because there are a lot. One that I reach for a lot is this liquid one from MUR. It is truly amazing, I can use it very lightly and for a subtle glow underneath my makeup or pair it on top with a powder highlight to make it look more intense.

Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Mascara isn't something that I am very fussy about, as long as it gives me length and doesn't clump up then its fine with me. Maybelline is my favourite brand for mascara. They have so many different ones that do various bits and bots but the Colossal has to be my favourite. It feels very light on the lashes and gives me just the right amount of volume and length to wear with my glasses.

ABH Modern Renasiccane

I was very late to the party with this palette but I am so glad that I caved when I did. This has everything in it that you need to create a variety of different looks, from daytime to night glam it is perfect. Every single shadow that is included is pigmented to the max, blend able and so buttery. I can't believe it took me so long to grab it!

GWA The Ultimate Goddess Palette*

If there was a more budget friendly palette that I loved then it has to be this from Girls With Attitude. It speaks to me!!! There's a mixture of glitters and mattes in the palette that look good with anything and last on my eyes even without a primer underneath. I love the more almost foiled shadows in this palette as it adds something extra to the whole look.

Stila Magnificent Metals

The Stila liquid shadows haven't been mine for very long but boy are they good. I didn't really understand the hype around them until I tried them and now I want more! They are super pigmented glitter shadows that glide onto the lids without any problem, I love layering them on top of normal shadows as well as using them on their own when in a rush. The full sized versions have many different shades and I have my eye on a few staple colours to keep with me on the go.

MAC Lipstick in Twig & Colourpop Liquid Lippies

2017 has been a year where I haven't really gone crazy with lip products but I have fallen in love with that almost mauvey pink shade - you know which one I mean. These two options are the exact same shade but just in different formula's, both long lasting and very easy to wear. I love that this shade looks nice on me and goes with everything - a nude lip never goes out of fashion.

UD All Nighter

This is the best setting spray I have used. The L'Oreal spray was my go to for so many years but now this has overtaken it. It is a much finer mist that doesn't take a lot of sprays to cover the face, I also found that it settles into the skin a lot quicker. I introduced this to one of my friends and she loves it too - it does some magic to your makeup, makes it look less cakey and sticks it to my face.

Phew, that was a mouthful and a half. If you made it through, thank you! I love you all lots and here's to an amazing 2018!


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