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Discovering new brands has to be one of my favourite things about blogging! When the team over at Bilou HQ contacted me to try some products, I got very excited. I had spotted the brand pop up on instagram a few times but didn't really know what they were about. Much to my surprise, a huge bag full of goodies from the different ranges came and my bathroom has never smelt better. 
Bilou is a range that has been designed and developed by German beauty blogger Bibi's Beauty Palace. You can tell that everything, from design to the texture of products have been thought out and been paid attention to. This range is now available in Superdrug, 100% vegan and very high quality. 

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Firstly, can we take a minute to appreciate the packaging! It is not only cute, but the simplicity of it makes it stand out and I love the different fonts used too. Each of the three different ranges, have a colour scheme, signature image and then the scent name. The Bilou logo as a whole is gorgeous, curly and very fancy. The white may look simple, but when lined up in your bathroom - it adds such a chic look.
bilou creamy shower foams

When it comes to shower products, I love using things that smell incredible not just when you use the product but after you come out the shower too. Seems a little pointless using a product to clean yourself and then it not make you smell better after. Why have I never tried a shower foam before?! It is so much fun to use in the shower, the first time I tried one of them out, I spent a good 20 minutes playing around like a 5 year old. The foam is so much easier to apply everywhere, you only need a small amount and it is just a whole lot of fun! Since having these, I have tried a different one out of different days to see which I prefer. Of them all, the cotton candy has to be my absolute favourite. Each of them resemble the product inspired by but this one just awakens me in the morning. None of the scents are over powering, or too sweet either, just the right amount to keep you smelling gorgeous all day! 
Now that I've tried them all, they have been 'distributed' so to say. Cotton Candy and Fizzy Berry have come with me to university. Pink Melon and Tasty Donut is at home for when I'm there and Coco Cocktail is in my travel bag for when I go away. I think I might be a little obsessed. My skin after the shower feels very soft, well nourished and smells incredible. The scents lasts on me for the next few hours.

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For the prices of this whole range, you really can't go wrong. Just like the shower foam, there are also matching cream foams which are moisturisers. These at first felt a little weird, applying foam in the shower I can deal with and enjoy as it makes the whole shower time experience fun. Applying foam to my dry body was a little weird, I have to admit. Slowly. over time I have got the hang of it.The trick seems to be, less is more, as with anything. I take a little bit and apply that all over first - then move onto applying more if needed. In the shower, I tend to only the use foam for the upper part of my body. As they are quite moisturising, there isn't a need to apply a body lotion or these foams after. Instead, I take the gentle cream foams and apply them to my legs, in the winter a part of my body that is really neglected. The foam helps to keep the dry skin at day and makes them feel really soft, it is also very quick to settle into the skin - making wearing jeans/leggings a lot easier. The two scents I have these in, are my favourite anyways, sweet and caramel like but not overpowering. In my defence, perfume doesn't really last on me - these work so much better! 

2 in 1 Body spray - £3.99
Just like I mentioned, perfume does not work for me. No matter which brand I try or how much I pay, it lasts for like 10 minutes and then boom, gone. Due to this very annoying problem, I have to carry some form of spray around with me, all the time. The thing I love about these Bilou sprays are that they are 2 in 1, can be used as a ordinary body spray as well as a deodorant. I'm a big fan of products that have multi-purposes!! Even though these are scented products, the moisturising and nourishing properties do make them gentle enough to use under the arms. I love them as both things too, my skin is super sensitive but these don't irritate me! Hooray, when sprayed it just feels like a normal deodorant. Very handy indeed! 

I must say, Bilou has stolen my heart and all these products are amazing. I think they would make great gift ideas this Christmas, if you were to buy one product from each of the ranges and create cute little bundles? How sweet would that be! Are you excited by any of these scents? 

*PR Samples, all view and opinions are my own, honest and 100% the truth

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