MAC Snowball Collection Haul

MAC always has a special place in my heart, it was one of the first brands that I tried that was 'high end'. When I saw teasers and official releases of the new Snowball collection, I was very excited. This year they seem to have done things a little different, a lot of things come as sets and the sets come in cut little bags, then there are special releases that are sold separately. A great deal of the products are encased in a gorgeous shimmery copper outer packaging. A few weeks ago when it first came out I was in Sheffield seeing Little Mix. Myself and Nicole made a trip to Debenhams and it was there in all its glory, fully stocked and ready for us - I picked two bits that I really wanted. 

The first thing that I was immediately drawn to when I saw the stand were the highlighters, both of the new shades were gorgeous but which one to get?! I approached one of the MAC girls and asked if she could help me decide, she said that she has the perfect one in mind but it isn't on display. Turned out that it was Whisper of Guilt. I had no idea but this is a shade that they have brought back this year, it had been so popular a couple of years ago, that they've made it a one off this year. As soon as she swatched it on my hand, I knew I had to have it. On my skin tone, gold based highlighters look a lot better compared to the pinks, peaches and silvers that are in this collection. I was sold straight away and then she told me that this year for £35, I not only get the compact, but a sequin bag to keep it in and a limited edition brush. As a whole set this is very good pricing, the whole range has seems to very well priced this year - more money to spend!! Since owning this, I am obsessed. It took me a while to actually touch it as the embossing on it is stunning, but the gold is very icy and packs quite the punch. 

I hadn't really looked in depth into the other gift sets so felt pretty overwhelmed at the counter. They have some amazing mini lipstick sets but I would run out of them so quick, they're not worth it. The eyeshadow palettes are pretty but I have far too many, the brush sets weren't really screaming to me but the mini lip glass set caught my eye. I went for the Nude set that includes; Below Freezing - a light beige pink, Winter Warmer - A deep nude and Iced Over- rose gold topper. I am loving this set, they compliment each other really well as well as work well with other lipsticks and liners that I own. This retails at £25 and is going to get a very good run not just this festive season but all year round. 

I am in love with both these purchases and think that MAC have done very well! 

Most things are unfortunately now sold out online, but definitely try your local counter! 

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