Magnitone Blend Up First Impressions

Nothing excites me more, than products that are different and when skincare experts Magnitone launched their makeup blending brush, I couldn't wait to try it! I am very happy to say, that I am part of an amazing group of Magnitone Ambassadors, we get exclusive looks at products and discounts. I received this newest launch before it came out, but because I haven't been home it has taken me ages to get my hands on it and try it out, apologies for this post being soo late!

Magnitone Blend Up

The Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brushh helps blend makeup flawlessly and helps to give a more natural finish.

The brush can be used to apply anything from liquid to powder products. It massages the product into the skinto leave you with a flawless finish that doesn't show off the bad side of your skin and helps makeup look effortless.
blending bruhs

It comes with a smoothBLEND brush top, which is flat-topped brush and designed to blend, contour, tint, and bronze your makeup. Magnitone also have another two heads that can be used with the brush, these are featherBLEND and buffBLEND. If you are someone that is very fussy about cross conatimination when it comes to makeup, this has a self cleaning setting so you don't have to worry about anything.

It retails at £70, which is very steep but thing about the amount of time that will be saved, cleaning, and the fact that there aren't many products like this out on the market already that are not too harsh on the bank account. Magnintone know their stuff, trust me - their barefaced cleansing brush is LIFE. So, I put this to the test to find out just what it is like to use with different products.

I've been testing it these past few days with the Lancome foundation and L'Oreal one as they are very runny in liquid. My thinking was that the thinner the liquid, the easier the machine would be able to spread the product. My thinking was indeed correct, this brush blended out these foundations like a dream. Leaving me with no streaks on the face, like some normal brushes do and one layer looked more flawless than ever. I was a little sceptical about adding another layer incase the other one moved or streaked but this didn't happen at all. It applied on the first layer so well, built up coverage and looked amazing - not cakey either.

When it comes to tools to apply my makeup, I am a devotee to makeup sponges and a buffing brush but this has really changed my mind. It makes life so much easier, and cuts down foundation time in the morning by a good 10 minutes, saves me sitting there and patting, then blending, then patting some more. I have also used it to blend in liquid highlight - a game changer. It blends it out so much better than my fingers do and sinks into the skin rather than sitting on top and looking lost.

So excited, to keep on using this and see how it works with thicker foundations and other cream products!



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