Being The Girl Who Goes For It

 ''The past is your lesson. The present is your gift and the future is your motivation.'' Who doesn't love a good quote? I think that just reading something really motivating can change your whole mood, day or even the task you have at hand. I love positive thinking and everything that comes with it, a firm believer that what you aim/strive for is what you get and in life even though you get obstacles, never give up. This academic year (new year, new goals) I am going to become the girl who just goes for it, saying yes even when I'm nervous and saying no when it doesn't feel right.                 

This weekend I am heading back to university for my third and final year of my degree. After having so many months off, it feels kind of crazy to be going back already, I swear I haven't had a real break. It is also kind of mad that my third year has come by so soon, this time next year I will be fully qualified and doing the job I have wanted to do since I can remember. Since starting this blog, I have kept an almost personal diary of the ups and downs that I have gone through and this is just another one of those posts, but with a twist. Instead of saying all the things that I am nervous for going back, this is all about what I am excited for, in a nutshell - wouldn't want to bore you all. 

As I go into my third year it brings a whole range of new opportunities, we start job hunting, which is such a scary process but one that I am very excited for. I am going to be learning so many more new things, techniques and of course experience new ways of teaching and learning. Time is going by so fast, this year I really want to enjoy each month and do as much as I can to spend time with friends that I have made there. 

Outside of university is of course this blog, as the work load starts to pile up, expect things to be very quiet on here. Balancing both things is one thing but keeping up with them both is another, it is hard trying to do everything at once and even though I love this blog more than anything, it will have to be left from time to time. On a brighter note, I am excited to start saying yes to more opportunities that involve blogging. My university are holding a blogger workshop next month with me running it! I will be talking all about my blog, how to start one, the pros and cons and of course doing some flatlay shooting. I could not be more excited to share my experience with other students, the ones who don't necessarily like to do the typical university things. I am so nervous about the whole thing but also very excited about how it will go, this is something new and this is the new me. 

When QUIZ very kindly sent me this gorgeous occassion dress to try, it made me feel like such a Princess.  the chiffon material is so floaty and breathable that when you walk around it almost walks with you. The colour isn't something that I would usually go for when it comes to a evening event, but I love how the grey looks on me and compliments my skin tone. The high neck and beaded front, adds just the right amount of glamour to the dress and it really does shine when it hits the sun. The thing that makes this different to your ordinary maxi dress, is of course the back. It's all open, the open back makes the dress seem even more elegant and girly. I've paired this stunning dress with some long pearl earrings to match the pearl embroidery and a pretty braided hairstyle. When the front of the dress is as pretty as this, who wouldn't want to show it off! 

I kept the makeup pretty simple, with just foundation, powder, bronzer, highlighter, mascara and a lipstick. It is very simple compared to what you would normally where with the dress but its me, simple and easy going! 

Wearing a beautiful dress like this, with my hair all pretty I am ready to take on the world - who's with me? 
*dress was kindly sent to me from QUIZ


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