4 Simple Ways to Put Yourself First

As a society, we are so wrapped up in work, school and family life. It is easy to forget about ourselves, yes that's right, I am talking about YOU. Worry about everyone else but don't forget that you are the most important person and have to be put first. Here are a few easy ways to rekindle the fire within and putting you first...

putting yourself first

1. Have a You Day

Look at your diary and cancel out an entire day just for you, sometimes you just need time to recover and relax. Whether this means going for a spa day somewhere far away or keeping it simple in your pj's at home. My favourite thing to do is make a hearty breakfast, the current go to is croissants with Duerr's marmalade, yogurt and a cup of tea. It fills me up for the day and tastes incredible. 
duerr's marmalad

2. Sleep

There really is no better medicine than having a good rest. Although they say on average we need seven to eight hours sleep, everyone gets a lot less. Sleep makes a tremendous difference to your health, it helps with reducing high blood pressure and healthy skin. So, make it a priority to get your sleep every night if you can or take a power nap. I recently watched a TV show that tested out drinking black coffee and then taking a 20 minute power nap, it apparently gives you a boost of energy?! 

3. Learn to say No!

This is something I really need to do more of, eat my own words in a way. When you say yes you are being automatic and going in to the mode of being kind and helpful, but sometimes you need to realise that you are not a robot. Say no, say that you have other things to do and remember that you are only human.  
handbag purge

4. Switch Off

There's no other way to put yourself at ease and in the zone than to just switch off from the world and relax. I love having blackout days, no phone, no laptop, no TV just me, myself and I. Its the perfect time to read a book, play some music and be yourself. It sounds weird but I love taking this time out to organise my life and my room. Recently, it was my handbag - so much rubbish! It needed a purge and clear out to just leave the essentials in and nothing else. I also love tidying my makeup, it doesn't last long but is well worth the satisfaction. This time round, my creativity skills came into play when it came to organising my ever growing lipstick collection. The Duerr's marmalade jar has become the perfect liquid lipstick holder, its a cute little jar that homes my addiction. 

liquid lipstick storage

Duerr's are currently holding a competition to win a full range of their new conserves and marmalades, just by showing them a way of being creative with their jars! 

Always remember, that you are the most important person - sometimes you need to take a step back and smell the fresh air. 
What do you do when it comes to putting yourself first? Are you guilty of saying Yes all the time? 

*post in collaboration with Duerr's

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