4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

I'm very guilty of giving my face and body a lot more attention than my hair, the lucious locks that I have sitting on my head seem to take a backseat during the winter and its time to change that. This winter, as well as focusing on my skincare, makeup and body care, I am giving more love to my hair. Here are some easy tips and helpful hints to keeping your hair healthy and happy this winter. 

Tip 1 : Say bye to damaged hair

Because my hair hasn't been given the proper care and attention it needs recently, it is severely damaged. It gets heat on it nearly everyday and has not been looked after very well. If your hair is looking a little rought, add a hair oil to either your shampoo or the ends of damp hair. So many brands do different oils for different hair types, be sure to choose one that is appropriate - I love the Moroccan Oil! Using an oil adds moisture back into your hair and gives it that shine. 

Tip 2: Fight the Flakiness

During the colder months, your scalp is drier and itchier than ever. It leads to issues such as dandruff and scalp irritation, which can lead to hair fall out. Dandruff is  problem can be super manageable, no need to stress about it. Just take either a dandruff shampoo or heated up coconut oil awith a splash of lemon juice in and massage into the scalp. Leave it in for 20-30 minutes, rinse it out with shampoo as normal and then your scalp will be flake free. 

Tip 3: Olive Oil is your Best Friend

When I first tried olive oil in my hair is was the weirdest thing, but it works wonders. All I did was warm up a couple of teaspoons of olive oil and massage it slowly. Giving your head a slow massage helps the oil go further into the roots, improve blood circulation and ensure your hair is getting the correct nourishment. It will also prevent hair fall, which is a serious issue and you shouldn't be scared about talking about it. A FUE hair transplant cost's very little and makes all the difference to your image, and confidence because no one wants to be suffering with something sliently. 

Tip 4: Dry Shampoo is God

Me without dry shampoo, is like Monica without Chandler. I just can't get enough of it! The uses for it are endless and the use of it inbetween washes means you aren't overwashing which strips the natural oils. It gives you volume, texture and gets rid of every inch of oil. On dark hair, such as mine, it tends to leave a white cast so it give a real good massage in. 

You'll have gorgeous, healthy locks in no time! What hair product do you swear by?

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