The Hair Tool You Need

Finding ways to make my morning routine that little simpler is what I aim for in life, from making my lunch the night before to not spending 15 minutes trying to take the knots out of my hair. Its a blessing from above that I have been given thick, straight hair and trying to get knots out after sleeping, walking in the wind or having it up for 5 minutes is a nightmare. 

But since discovering the Tangle Teezer* my life has turned around (sounds dramatic, but if you have thick hair then you'll understand. Its a brush that detangles hair without damaging, pulling and pain - leaving you with tangle free, soft hair. 

tanlge teezer review

This gorgeous gold one is newly released as part of the compact style range, which is smaller than the original tangle teezer to make it easier to use on the go and take with you wherever. It retails at £12.50 and is a haircare hero.

The brush has a combination of short and long bristles/teeth, the long ones detangle and the short ones smooth the hair out for healthier looking hair. Its really easy to hold in the palm of your hand and brush through your entire head either before styling or after, either way doesn't add frizz just shine. 

I've found it the perfect tool to use when my hair is wet, dry and even windswept, These past weeks, its come with me in my handbag as a tool to use to hide the roughness of the wind and has helped with maintaining the effort I put in first thing in the morning. 

tangle teezer review on thick hair

does the tangle teezer work

It's safe to say that the compact styler is a lifesaver for anyone that is having hair troubles, the size is easy to hold and travel with. The colour is gorgeous and the effectiveness of it is incredible! 

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer before? Or a brush similar? 😍


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