Greece Sephora & Duty Free Haul

Currently in that depressed, take me back on holiday and get me in the sunshine mood. Normal right? Its been just over a week since I got back from holiday and since then I've started at uni again, moved into a house and finally had a chance to show you the goodies that I picked up. When we went toy Heraklion for the day, the capital of Crete - we hunted down the Sephora. It was a very exciting day indeed! They didn't have many brands and it was a tiny little shop but well worth the visit. 

Greece Sephora Haul

Sephora Face Masks

This Sephora was packed with more perfume and skincare then it was makeup, still something compared to not having one at all in the UK. I picked up two of their own brand sheet masks, which are meant to be amazing and work wonders on the skin. I picked up the green tea one for when my skin is having a melt down and the rose one for when my skin needs a boost. Very excited to use both of them! 

Sephora Greece Haul

One thing this Sephora did have a great deal was there own brand products, everything from the masks to the tools that they offer. I just had to try something, one of the items is the classic multitasker blush brush. Its made to apply different formula of blushes but the angle shape makes me want to use it for contour. Another thing that my makeup collection was lacking was a sharpener, the cheap ones don't seem to be doing the job so I decided to invest a few euros into an actual one and its doing a marvelous job so far! 

Heraklion Sephora Haul

Like I said the makeup part of this Sephora was very little, they had typical brands like YSL, Dior, Chanel and Lancome. Then what we call 'drugstore' L'Oreal, Maybelline and Max Factor and then the other brands included Clarins, Too Faced, Benefit, Makeup Forever and Sephora own brand. It wasn't the greatest collection and surprisingly no Urban Decay counter? Nonetheless, I still managed to buy something. 

Too Faced are a brand that I have wanted to try forever and this was my chance due to the wide selection of products. I picked up the Sun Bunny Bronzer, not only is the packaging to die for but the bronzer its self is stunning. Swirling the two shades together gives a gorgeous colour to the skin and really warms up my face. Also picked up one of the Oil Infusion Colors, its a glossy, lip balm with a hint of colour which makes it perfect for the winter when my lips get really dry. Very odd smell to it due to the oils used but very exciting product. 

Duty Free Haul

Before heading to Crete, going to duty free was the top priority for two fellow shopping addicts. The NARS counter at T2 in Manchester airport is dangerous, stocked with all their products and so many exclusives - you just can't not pick something up. The NARS Orgasm Set was the main purchase because of the outstanding deal that you get. For £42, you get a full size orgasm blush, orgasm lip gloss, illuminator and mini orgasm multiple. Call me crazy but I fell in love with the idea of trying it all out and discover new products from NARS. Another thing from NARS that I picked up was the semi-matte lipstick in Pigalle. Of course a brown toned nude! 

Duty Free Haul
Bottom to Top = Pigalle, Oil Infusion, Orgasm Lipgloss, Orgasm Blush, Orgasm Illuminator, Mini Multiple

Safe to say that going to both duty free and sephora is a very dangerous for any beauty addict but its a way of remembering the holiday....i think! 

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