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Seventeen Mega Matte

Good Morning Everyone! How are we all? I'm currently living on 4 hours of sleep, but no worries I can power through! Today, I have a very exciting post all about the just launched Mega Matte Lipsticks* from Seventeen! 

The Mega Mattes only launched yesterday (3rd August) and they are something to be very excited about! They promise to you give you a bold, matte and statement look perfect to take you through the summer and winter. I for one am a huge fan of matte lips and on days when I have lots of things to do and go to, I rely on them to stay put all day and these do just that!

The packaging for these lipsticks are plain black with a chevron indent on the bottom, very sleek and the perfect size and weight to keep with you on the go. There are 12 shades in the whole collection all which promise to be creamy, long lasting up to 13 hours and give you a gorgeous colour. 

Seventeen Mega Matte
These lipsticks are amazing, the formula of them are indeed very creamy and glide onto the lips like butter. Long lasting? Yes they are, in fact they don't budge off the lips. Yesterday, I applied the pink shade at 1pm before going to lunch. It lasted through lunch then in to the evening when I went out and stayed on until 4.30am - why was I up at that time? The car broke down haha, it was a long night. The four shades that I have are very daring, even more me a nude girl. But I love to experiment and try out different colours. The names of the lipsticks are also one of my favourite things about the product, instead of just numbers, there are fancy names like Nude News and Roses are Red! 

T-B Violet Summer, I lilac it a lot, Lava you a lot, Back to the fuchsia 
Seventeen Mega Matte

Overall, these lipsticks are definitely worth having a look at and trying for yourself if you love the matte lip look. Just make sure that your lips are exfoliated and there is no dry skin because they do cling on to the dry areas. The lipsticks retails for £4.49, currently on offer at Boots for £3.49! 

Are you a matte or gloss fan? x


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