Nails of the Moment #4

This time round when I went to get my nails done, I said to the lovely lady that I wanted something spring/summer like but not to bright. There was a lovely red but I would have to keep it for 6 plus weeks, which is too long to have such a bold colour. I still wanted it on the nude sign, so please welcome 'OPI tickle my france-y'. Its a gorgeous muted pink colour that I have loved wearing. 
opi tickle my france-y

china glaze nova

When she applied it on to my nails I thought 'oh my god this looks very barbie like' but it must just have been the light because I think they it is a light pink colour. I also wanted a bit of sparkle on on finger, this is two coats of the very gorgeous China Glaze Nova Nova. A stunning silver that sparkles in the sun. I also kept to the pointy tip, and I was warned that after a while I would go longer and longer...its happening!

The color wasn't me at first but I have grown to like it and its really got me on the path to wear brighter colours. I am thinking lilac next time? What is on your nails this week? 

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