Yorkshire Blow Dry Leeds

My hair is something that I have a love/hate relationship with. Sometimes, I can wake up and look all made up and gorgeous.Other days I'm like Anna from Frozen, waking up with my hair all over the place and my duvet the other way around. On a hormonal weather day I headed into Leeds for a visit at the Yorkshire Blow Dry Bar. It's the only blow dry bar in the city and is hidden away in Central Arcade - the other side of the Trinity off Boar Lane. They were kind enough to give me a chance to try their service and these are the results...
Yorkshire Blow Dry Leeds

Upon Arrival

My appointment was booked for me, due to it been complimentary but I was still treated like a customer. I had an email sent to me which confirmed the appointment and just so I didn't forget, an email also came the day before with the time of the appointment too. If that isn't an amazing way to remind someone, then I don't know what is. I arrived at this gorgeous salon and felt like I had been taken away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The stylist sat me down on the chairs you can see in the first photo, to comb through my hair (I was slightly windswept) and asked me what I wanted. Honestly, I had no idea - the answer was purely surprise me. 
Yorkshire Blow Dry

The Process

After the debrief, I was taken over to the sinks to wash my hair. The best part of going to any salon is sitting on the fancy chair and having your hair washed. The stylist gave me the best head massage, I was seconds away from dozing off. She used some amazing, great smelling products on my hair. That has left it feeling amazing - she explained that everything they used is sulfate free and good for your hair. After a deep head massage and wash it was time for the styling. 

Yorkshire Blow Dry Review

Yorkshire Blow Dry1


It started with my head been blow dried, the main ethos behind the brand. All about your hair getting a gorgeous bounce and girl in express time. My hair was far too soft to be dried into a curl, so the stylist took a different approach. She started by drying it with a hair dryer and then used a wide cloud nine straighter to curl/wave my hair. 
The aim was to give me a Kim K like look, a gorgeous yet natural look. The Blow Dry Bar has a whole range of looks that you can for - from the signature Yorkshire Blow Dry to a stunning up do. I would love for a professional to braid my hair one day, just to see how they do it. They also offer wedding packages, group bookings and makeup looks, there is even an option for under 12's to have a makeover. A great tip I was given to keep the curls and help them was to spray your hair before and after with hairspray. It helps keep the curl and style it. 
I was amazed at the fact that the larger straightener works to curl your hair, it worked wonders and added a shine throughout.  

Yorkshire Blow Dry2

Yorkshire Blow Dry Leeds

Yorkshire Blow Dry3

The End Result

Well, where do I even begin. My exact words were 'you've made me feel like a princess'. The whole day, I walked around the city, flipping my hair like crazy because I was feeling good. The stylist managed to curl every inch of my hair including my layers without it looking hideous. The service I received was incredible, the end result made me a very happy customer and the salon its self is perfect. Out of the way, quiet and a very relaxed vibe. I think that I will be going back to the bar when I have an event or something, to make me look better! 

The Yorkshire Blow Dry in Leeds has only been opened since December of last year, they offer a wide variety of services and make you feel like a valued customer. Be sure to visit them if you are ever in Leeds and follow them on social media. 

*The Blow Dry was kindly gifted to me, all opinons are my own

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