Primark Haul February 2016

Primark Haul February 2016

You know that shop called Primark, well I walked past it one day and ended up picking a few things. I promise I only went because my opticians is located right next door and who knows another might be coming next week, seen as though I'm going back on Saturday - oops. 

Primark Haul

I didn't actually pick up that many bits due to been in a bit of a rush, but I have had the chance to browse and now know what things I would like to pick up. The first thing I spotted was the sales racks, there is never anything there but this time I managed to pick up a grey stripey top with a lace frill. It was down from £10 to £5. Its the perfect everyday top to throw on with some jeans. I then spotted racks of jumpers and t-shirts with slogans on for a mere £5. This cream coloured one with 'Bonjour' written in fancy writing caught my attention straightaway. Another one I can pair with leggings or jeans and run to a lecture. Then we have the thing I actually went into Primark for, some Navy Ripped Jeans. I keep seeing people wearing ripped jeans and I just needed to get my hands on some. I know with Primark that I can buy and try them without having to actually wearing them out. Ooh now we have something I wasn't going to buy but ended up getting. These gorgeous patent nude pumps with a slight fringe on the front. They were a last minute buy for only £8 I couldn't resist. I seem to have bought an entire outfit here haha,

Primark Rings
Primark Earrings

The final bits I picked up were some hair bobbles, they had no black - can you believe that? I had to settle for a blonde and brown pack instead :( I found a gorgeous set of rings that are very similar to the Pandora leaf collection they have. The first two are by far my favourite and I will be getting a lot of use out of them. I also found some cute, dainty earrings to wear everyday. All of them are tiny flowers designed differently and add some elegance. 

That's all I picked up (for now) and will be getting some more things this weekend I am sure of it! I hope to find a black pair of pumps, more jumpers ooh and maybe a cheeky handbag. The nude/flesh tone pink collection they have in at the moment is to die for - worth paying a visit! 

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