My Essential Accessories for a Temperamental Winter

I feel like we've had every type of weather it's possible to have this winter. There's been snow and ice, hail, rain, wind, and even the occasional spot of sunshine. There have been times when it's felt quite mild and other times when it's been freezing. What is a fashionable girl to do when the weather is so unpredictable? I've tried to make sure I get in a few more winter essentials, so I look good while still feeling warm and snuggly. There are some items you just have to have to stay cosy, but you also need to be prepared for a change at any moment. These are my top accessories to stay fashionable in temperamental weather.



You can't get through winter without a good pair of boots. I love mine and wear them throughout the season. They're one of my staple winter items, along with my coat. The one essential feature for my winter boots is that they're waterproof! There's no point having shoes that won't keep your feet dry when it's raining or even snowing. If they aren't already waterproof, it's easy to spray them with something like Scotchgard. You can even get special sprays for leather, suede and other materials that are hard to look after. If I could only have one accessory for winter, it would be a pair of boots.


Pocket Umbrella

It's so annoying when you're not sure if it's going to rain or not. It's usually a good bet that it will, or else it will snow or hail. But sometimes it's so tempting to risk it and not bother with an umbrella because you can't be bothered to take it. Carrying around a large umbrella sometimes ends up with it not raining, which makes it pointless to take in the first place. A cute umbrella that fits in my bag is the perfect solution. They're sometimes not as hardy as bigger umbrellas, so they don't always stand up to the wind. But if you spend a bit more, you can get one that survives for longer.



Scarves are versatile accessories, which is why I think they're so great. You can wear them around your neck, wrap them around your shoulders or put them over your head. A snood is perfect for keeping you warm in a few different ways. I love the thick-knit of some Irish clothing, and you can get some beautiful Aran scarves. They work perfectly with a snuggly jumper, but you can wear them with something more formal too. A scarf is also pretty easily tucked into a bag, especially if you have a larger one. So if you ever want to take it off or carry it around just in case, it's not much of a hassle.


Sunshine might be a rare occurrence in the winter, but it does happen. I hate being caught out unawares and having to squint all day. It's always a good idea to have a pair of sunglasses with you just in case. And, of course, they'll make you look extra cool when you're on the slopes if you decide to go skiing.

Hopefully, it won't be long before spring starts to emerge. Until then, I'm doing my best to stay warm and look stylish.


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