January Favourites

January Favourites 2016

January has come and gone, I just can't quite believe it! Today I am sharing with you my favourites for this month, including makeup, tv and food! 


MAC Favourites

These three products have quickly become my go to base and the things that haven't seem to changed on a everyday basis. I am currently on placement, so the makeup has to be light yet make me look awake. I start by my new holy grail primer, the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm. There is just something about this wonderful product that helps my makeup go on smoother and last longer. I have also managed to overcome the manly smell. The filling layer in this sandwich trio is the MAC Prolongwear Foundation, I loved this last summer when I got it for weddings but never used it other than that. This year my aim is to use everything I own and this is defiantly one of them, the coverage, the feel and the longevity of it is amazing.  To finish this base off, I spray the L'Oreal Fixing Mist , it feels wet at first but sinks in just before I walk out the door and helps a great deal with making my makeup stick. 


Of course I have to mention the UD Gwen Stefani Palette, it would be rude not to. I seem to be using this palette more than any other UD one. I don't know if its because the second row is just beautiful or if the size of the palette appeals to me more than the Naked ones. I have also been loving pairing eye shadow but a bit of highlighting on the cheeks and in my inner corner of the eye. To do this I have been using one from Makeup Revolution. One of there vivid highlighters and it is stunning. 
Mac Mehr
Nude Beige

Next up we have two of my current go to lip favourites, I don't wear these together as the are both pretty much the same. Both nude shades of course, the Maybelline one (left swatch, sorry) is in the shade Nude Beige and its exactly what it says on the tin. I wear this everyday and it glides on like butter and keeps my lips hydrated. Then we have the one I spoil myself with, MAC Mehr. A gorgeous pinky nude with very cool undertones. By far my favourite lipstick ever. 
Home Bargains
A very random makeup favourite has been this gorgeous makeup bag, its from the lovely and cheap Home Bargains and cost me as little as £2. I love the Ted Baker style print and writing and its very roomy indeed. I manage to fit a full face of makeup inside. 


My TV schedule has been pretty dead recently, waiting for everything to start again but I have been really enjoying Telenovela, its a comedy program with Eva Longoria in and its is hilarious. Well worth a watch. I have also been loving Younger, starring Hilary Duff. Its a about a women who acts half her age because of the journalism industry. Great binge watching! 


This month  I have been loving Cadbury's mini eggs, ooh these are too good. Just writing this post and eating a packet at the same time, too good to share as well. I have also got back into drinking tea. Every night when I come back from placement, a cuppa always fixes my mood! 

That's all the things I have been loving this month, what have you been loving? 

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