What's On My Bathroom Shelf?

What's On My Bathroom Shelf
What's On My Bathroom Shelf
What's On My Bathroom Shelf

I really want to do a university room tour but am not 100% happy with it yet as it is brand new and I am still figuring where I want things to be. But the space that I am happy with is my bathroom, its a simple wet room but just above the sink is a shelf full of my beauty goodies. 

The Essentials
One the left hand side we have the items that everyone has in their bathroom. Deodorant something I am very fussy about, it has to work and it has to smell nice too and Dove never disappoint. Fun fact i came to university with 3 bottles so that I am prepared. Toothpaste and a toothbrush for cleaning my teeth of course, aquafresh is the best toothpaste out there for an everyday basis in my opinion. The last essential I have kept in my bathroom is a body mist, these act as a air fresher for me as well as the spray that I apply after drying myself off in a bid to keep me smelling nice all day. I apply body butter outside of the shower hence why it isn't shown here.

The neat freak inside of me has decided to keep everything in the order that I use it and the process starts with the Garnier Micellar Water to remove all my make-up with the tiniest cotton pads in history, The I apply something I picked up in Dubai but is also available on Ebay it's the Baja No Marks cream, this is meant to help with the reduction of marks left after acne and even out the colour. I use it every night after cleansing and it really calms my skin down and helps with the marks. On alternate nights I use the Skin Therapy Oil from Palmers which restores the moisture back into my skin and smells amazing. In the red pot are my retainers, which look right at me so I know that I have to wear them. Lastly, is spot treatments. Both are completely different as I use them at different times of the spot procedure. Sudocrem works best on my skin when a spot is out, red and sometimes painful - it dries it out and assures me that I won't be concious about it all day. Then there is Panoxyl which is a lot stronger and great to get those under the skin spots and anything that is creeping up, but not quite there yet. Together these create a recipe for disaster so I don't apply them all at once otherwise my skin would be on fire.

There's what is on my self, very simple but all things that I need either in the morning or the night. Having them in one place and at reach is great when you are half asleep on a night. What's on your 'bathroom shelf'? 

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