3 Years On - Am I Doing it Right?


This is a very impromptu post as it dawned on me today (friday) that the 8th November is a special day! Its 3 years since I started Class and Glitter! What?! Its crazy to think that from starting something where I wanted to just share my thoughts has now become a big part of my life. I love blogging and everyday I think of something new and exciting to do based on it.

The amount of crazy opportunities it has given me is insane and this next month and December is even crazier and you will find out very soon why. Writing this post I am thinking to myself, what have I done right that has enabled me to carry on for three years? Why do people read what I write? Why do brands want to work with me? I don't think I am doing it all right, but do you know what WHO CARES! 

I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my lipstick filled heart for taking the time to read, follow, comment and interact here on the blog or even over on any of my social media channels. I have met some amazing people through the world of blogging and feel thankful that I get to do so many exciting things! 

I feel I also need to thank Royal Mail, for putting up with all these years and delivering all the parcels! To celebrate I am running a giveaway over on twitter, which you can find here - be sure to enter its international and ends in a months time right near christmas!

ENTER HERE >>> https://twitter.com/pariejoshi/status/663423841419567105 
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