August Favourites

August Favourites
It's August Favorites time!

Garnier Micellar Wipes
 I love the water and thought about trying the wipes for some time, when I picked them up before I went on holiday I didn't have high hopes but they are amazing. Unlike other face wipes they thoroughly clean your makeup and leave your skin feeling nourished at the same time.

E45 Overnight Hand Cream
Anyone else suffer from ugly cuticles? Raise your hand!! Mine are disgusting and nothing seems to be curing them nail product wise then a week ago or so I tried this overnight hand cream at night of course and my life changed. The next morning not only did my hands feel super soft but also my nails were improving. Miracle hand cream!

Rimmel Wild-er-ness
My current go to mani and pedi colour is Wild-er-ness by Rimmel, its the perfect lilac colour that doesn't look awful against my skin colour and it reminds me of summer even if the weather outside is awful.

Bourjois Aqua Blush in Pink Twice
Where do I even start with this blush? The best cream blush I have ever tried (well the only one) it applies so well and after a few seconds it sets onto my skin and is ready for the day ahead. It is much easier to apply this with my fingers, but I think I need a stippling brush to get a more even application and this might stop it from going everywhere.

Ghost Whisper Perfume
This perfume is one that I got gifted back at Christmas time, and have only just opened it to see what it is like. It is very musky with a hint of mandarin in the background that makes it wearable and it lasts on me for a long time too.


Song - Rachel Platten 'fight song'

I heard this song just the other week and by accident in fact and every since I am hooked! The song is really deep and the meaning behind it is about struggle and you can really feel it.

TV - Melissa & Joey

I have previously talked about my love of this programme on here and probably in a favourites post, the last ever season just finished airing in the UK and it was an emotional one but turned out perfect in the end for the whole family.

What have you been loving this month?

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