Pre-Holiday Pamper

Before I have big event or I am going away I like to de-stress, calm down and pamper myself. Sometimes it is as simple as putting a face mask on and sometimes it is the full works and I mean why not - sometimes you need it! 

The first step in my pamper routine is to get rid of all the makeup and let my skin breathe. I am one to swear by micellar water and wipes, until I discovered the Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt*(£24) the other day. I'm still getting used to using the whole concept of a gel to oil cleanser but all it is a gel cleanser that turns into an oil once massaged into your skin to remove makeup and impurities. The cleanser is full of seven different essential oils (here is a quick low down):
  • Tamanu Oil: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Abyssinica Seed Oil: nourishing 
  • Mirabelle Plum Seed Oil: conditions and softens skin.
  • Olive Oil: full of antioxidants 
  • Orange, Sage, and Lavender Oils: calming, soothing, and relaxing
  • Milk Thistle (silybum marianum ester): transforms the oils into a fluid that cleans the skin

After my face has been cleansed, cleaned and nourished it is time to focus on the under eye circles, mine are awful and with a 2 hour flight this week I need to look good and not blame the jet lag. The classic cucumber trick works but having to sit there is a pain, now I am a convert to the Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye masks *(£40.00). These little packs a genius, there are four in the pack and the size makes them perfect for travelling with as well and ideal to pop on whilst on the plane. You soak the pads with the vitamin water in the smaller section of the packet and then place them under your eyes for 15 minutes. Enough time to paint my nails and put on a face mask to help my skin. 
Painting my nails is a must, otherwise it isn't a pamper session. My toes have recently just come out of hibernation, they still look a mess and to cover that up I am sticking with bright, bold colours such as Maybelline's Pink Volt (£4.49) which is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect summer colour. Then sticking with something a little more neutral on my hands is Nail Inc Uptown (£14.00) a colour that makes your fingers look neat, tidy and a lot more elongated. The formula of both these are amazing and very long lasting. 

After all this, it is  time to apply some heel genius on both my hands and feet, remove my mask and eye patches and sleep. The best kind of spa treatment there is. 

Do you have a pre-holiday pamper routine? 


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